This has been a topic of discussion in my house of late.

How do we motivate ourselves when we are not, well, motivated? When you aren’t required by a boss or an event to do something, how do you make yourself do it anyway?

Housework for example. My husband and I are realizing that it’s too easy to say the flip with cleaning the house unless we have a reason. My husbands reason (he stays home during the day) is so his wife doesn’t yell at him. (ha!) My reason is because I get tired of a messy house and give in and do it. Both of us get motivated at the thought of visitors, as we do have some pride and don’t want to look like slobs (even though many days we probably are!)

Same with writing. When you aren’t under a contract or a deadline, sometimes it can be hard to MAKE yourself write. It’s easy to delay it by checking facebook, checking e-mail, writing on your blog (um, OK, shut up! I know!), checking other people’s blogs, etc. So many distractions! To add to it, I have the distraction of a messy house that needs cleaning, kids that AREN’T a distraction but are a privilege to take care of (most of the time!) and a demanding full-time job.

Lately, I’ve been doing pretty good at making myself write. It’s doing the other things that are difficult, mostly due to lack of time. Only so much Krista to go around! I really do want to vacuum my carpets once a week vs. once a, uh, month? (hangs head in shame)

I’ve come to a few conclusions about this though.

First, prioritize. Maybe it isn’t THAT important to have my house spic and span all the time.

Second, JUST DO IT! Be like Nike. I’m tired of hearing and feeling the whole “I just can’t make myself do it…” Pardon my off-french, but bullcrap. God gave us freewill and strength. Sometimes we just have to suck it up and do it even if we don’t want to. It’s called being an adult and responsible.

Now if I can just practice what I preach:-) *sigh*


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  1. Sometimes when you ARE under contract it’s hard to make yourself sit down and write.


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