Crossing our fingers to go home today!

Miss Muff finally peed in the middle of the night (hadn’t done so since we’ve been in the hospital.)

Still having watery stool, but it’s back to more like our “she’s on an antibiotic” kind vs. “HOLY COW IT WON’T STOP” kind. (yes, I know you all wanted that description. I could have gone into color… you can thank me later…)

We fed her 3 times yesterday. First two at half-strength, but the 3rd time at her normal strength. She did FABULOUS time one and two…

Time three she started gagging pretty badly about 3/4ths of the way through, so much so that we had to stop feeds and start IV fluids (as she still hadn’t peed at that point) because the wretching was constant.

We’re trying it at 3/4ths strength this morning.

Annabelle did have a fun trip around the new pod yesterday. Once we got here,they put her on a new portable monitor that they have. It’s nice because while she’s still hooked to a billion and one cords, she’s fairly free to walk around her crib since nothing is attached to the wall (well, except when she’s on IV fluids)

We are in the “new” section of the cardiac wing, and Mommy approves! It even has a little dedicated Cardiac playroom! Annabelle and I took a walk there last night and picked out some toys to take back to her room.


Just talked to attending doctor. He’s hesitant to send us home just yet, since we still aren’t tolerating full feeds. He’s going to talk to our transplant cardiologist and get her opinion. He’d like to keep us one more day and see her “handling” her full feeds, but *sigh* I’m just not sure what another day is going to do. She was already so-so before on handling them.

But, while I expressed my desire to go home today, however told him I’d defer to them for the final decision. I do NOT NOT NOT want to end up back here in a few days and hear a nice, lovely, kindly spoken “I told you so.”

The soonest we would go home would be very late this afternoon/early evening, if they do give us the thumbs up today.

On a good note though, her labs looked great this morning, so YEAH for that!


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  1. Glad you like the new unit!! So happy Miss Priss is doing better…and peeing…and having normal runny poop!! 🙂

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