She’s singing! (her la la’s.. ha!)

We met a fun milestone today!

Annabelle had clinic today… and instead of our regular every two week visit… we get to schedule our next visit in a MONTH!!!!

She should have been down to monthly visits quite a while ago, but better late than never!

We also had feeding therapy today.

Which failed miserably. She cried the whole time. She’s never done that before, and I’m not quite sure why she was such a crank-butt. However, we did get set up to have weekly therapy instead of bi-weekly starting in two weeks, so while I don’t look forward to the extra trip to Nashville, I look forward to actually making some feeding PROGRESS!

Speaking of!

Annabelle’s decided to eat last week… a little! It’s only a few bites each time, but that is up from outright refusal. And the feeding therapist seemed to think that she might do even better once her teeth get in. She’s cutting molars right now, on top of all the rest of her teeth that are late in coming. A hurting mouth does not bode well for eating!

I know I usually end a blog with something witty or inspiring or at least half-way intellegent… but I’m tired. It’s been a long day of appointments and I have syringes to clean and kids to get off to bed soon. *yawn* I keep telling myself I’ll catch up someday, but it’s looking more doubtful every day!

Still.. I wouldn’t trade life with my kiddos and hubby for anything! I am one blessed woman!



  1. Hurray for this good news. Annabelle seems to be growing very well, too. (Judging from the picture.) That has to be more positive news for your girl.

  2. I'm so excited for you alll and can't believe how big she is. Wow. I hope she continues to keep trying out that mouth of hers. 😉

  3. YAY for a month!!! 😀

  4. Awesome news! A whole month! Wow- from the pictures you post it seems like she is growing like a WEED!!!

  5. I am planning to visit my sweet baby for her birthday in February and I am so hoping to get to meet you and your precious family!! Anabelle is always my screen saver, such a sweet sweet face!

  6. Hurray…Great News! Sneak a nap in with Annabelle once in a while mom. We won't tell; )
    Happy for you all.

  7. That's GREAT news, Krista! And am I just seeing things or are her cheeks getting less puffy? She looks so good!

  8. Sad news:-( Annabelle's anti-rejection med level is still horribly out of whack. So we have to go back again next week for a blood draw only. Ugh.

  9. Putting Annabelle on the prayer list at my church right now!

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