I have a MOMMY first coming up tomorrow!

My first radio interview!!!

It is through Choose Now’s radio program Parent Talk, hosted by super cool author Nicole O’Dell.

I gotta be honest. My stomach is in the biggest knot every possible.

I write. I do not talk. Well, I mean, I DO talk… but when I’m nervous I talk super fast and my brain goes faster than my mouth can go and I end up skipping over words and it’s just not pretty folks, and then in the end I go back and can hear how badly I screwed it up and how I said the wrong thing at the wrong time and think of all the GOOD things I COULD have said… Oye.

I’m hoping, since it is a topic near and dear to my heart (GOD and ANNABELLE!) that I’ll be okay. But your prayers in the morning are appreciated!

Here’s a link to the preview of the show….

Click here to listen to Krista crash and burn…. er… I mean… ROCK… her first radio interview!



  1. EEk! I had to do an internet radio interview a few weeks ago….its not that bad. The time will fly. How long is the interview? Mine was an hour but the time flew by.

  2. You will rock! I have no doubt in my mind. Will pray for you.


  3. I just listened to the interview, Krista. You did a great job.

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