Things are finally really looking up! (They were yesterday too, I just still had a lot of worries.)

We are stable off the ventilator and vapotherm, only only .3 liters of oxygen!!! YEAH!!!

Her echo yesterday looked GREAT!!!

They weren’t going to redo a BNP because yesterday’s was “trending” down, but it was still really high, so I asked for another one to make sure the trend continued. IT DID! It is down to 1500 today (from 3000 yesterday and 3900 the day before…) so thank you Jesus for that! They aren’t really sure exactly how to coorelate the BNP to heart failure and this isn’t an exact measurement, so then follow trends more than the exact number. So trending down is GREAT!

AND, we get to FEED her today! She stayed stable on pedialite yesterday and seemed to handle it okay, so we are slowly starting back formula.

We are now done with her 3-day course of steroids too, so YEAH for that as well! We are going to go on an oral steroid taper at home of a much, much lower dose at home for a few weeks. This will potentially help a number of things, including her lung condition, so since we aren’t 100% sure what caused her issue on Saturday, I think this is a good, safe thing to do as well.

We are praying now that the BIG doses of steroids are done, Annabelle will calm down. She’s been very irritable the last two days, because of the steroids AND the fact that she’s had a finger or heel stick every hour.

We are now also doing finger sticks only every 4 hours today, then hopefully we can be DONE after today! YEAH!

I love giving YEAH news!

And the plan is to later today (but most likely tomorrow) be bedboarded for the floor! There isn’t much keeping us in the hospital after that, so our hope is that we get to go home in just a few days if not sooner! There is a lot that depends on that though, including getting her stable on home meds, so I’m not holding my breathe.

OH, and good news on Anna Reese’s front too!!! They’ve been tirelessly working on getting her able to go home as well (she needs positive pressure with oxygen at home, and that is normally not approved for young kiddos, so it’s been really hard for them to get everything straightened out) but they found something yesterday that would work, are trialing it over the weekend, and hope to go home on Monday!!!! I am SO SO SO excited for them as well!

In all, it’s a good day for the Anna’s. God is good and faithful and we are trusting in Him yet!

Also, I am leaving the hospital for a bit today!!! Scott and I are taking my kids out to have some “fun” as they really really need it (and won’t get much once we are home again and kinda stuck there…) so we thought we’d give them a fun day while we still have nursing care!

Then, my sister is gonna watch them tonight so Scott and I can go on a date (another something that we won’t be able to do for a VERY long time since I won’t have anyone who can watch Annabelle for quite some time.) We are also checking with the hospital to get a discounted hotel rate somewhere in Nashville, since we can’t both sleep at the hospital and a night away from everything sounds SO nice. We won’t know until this afternoon if we have one (there are limited quantities) but I don’t care where we go as long as it has a bed instead of the chair in the back of Annabelle’s room I’ve been sleeping on for the last few nights!

Anyway, gotta go take my kiddos on a date! PLEASE pray Annabelle does well today while I am gone!!!



  1. I will keep the prayers coming that she does well. I know it is hard to leave her, but she is in great hands! You all have an amazing time with the kiddos and an even better time on your date.

  2. Praying that things continue to go so well! 🙂
    I hope that you guys have a lovely day today, it sounds so special!
    I'm happy to hear that the Annas are doing better.
    Continuing to lift you guys up in prayer.

  3. This sounds so good!! YEAH!! 🙂

    Have a great day with your daughters and a wonderful date with Scott!

  4. Praising god very day!! I am continuing to lift y'all up everyday!! 🙂

  5. So very glad to hear the update. We're still praying.

  6. Great news! May He continue to answer your prayers (and all of ours, too, for Annabelle and you guys).

  7. Hooray! Glad to hear the good news. Enjoy that date!!! 🙂

  8. Of course, we continue to pray for Annabelle. So glad to hear the Anna Reese is doing better, too!

    Yay! I'm so glad to hear that you're going to be able to have some special time with your other girls. Also, when you read this, I hope it is after you and Scott have had a very nice, relaxing evening together and that you can return to the hospital feeling refreshed.

  9. Thanks for the great news!! I'm so happy she's getting better. Many prayers continue for you all!!

    Enjoy your date with your hubby. You both deserve it!

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