Mommy is late posting today.

It’s been a day.

Started with getting up early and going to the store because I didn’t have the stuff to make Gabby’s birthday breakfast-in-bed.

Then her orange juice spilled and went ALL over the bed.

Then I hurried to take Annabelle to Vandy by 9 for labwork. She was NOT PLEASED (and Mommy forgot the stroller… adding to frustrations.)

Annabelle rebelled during PT at 10… she was quite grumpy the whole time.

Then we went to Aunt Kari’s house to try and take a nap… it took Annabelle over a half hour to fall asleep, and even then she only slept for about 45 minutes.

Mommy then realized that she had only brought Annabelle’s morning feeds and not her noon feeds, thus making us very behind for the day. BOO.

Then feeding therapy back downtown, which Annabelle screamed almost the entire time through.

Then I realized I forgot my phone at PT earlier in the day, so stopped back by there.

After that, it was onto meeting my inlaws with the girls at the eye doctors to get their glasses ordered before they left on vacation. $150 later, we were on our way back home. Then went to the bank, then on the way to pick up Gabby’s birthday cupcakes, we were rear-ended. No one is hurt (and we’re praying no sore muscles tomorrow!) but the van has seen better days.

And now I’m laying in bed at night with a lovely headache and a good hour or more until Annabelle’s night feeds finishes, meaning no sleep for Mommy for a while. Boo! Oh, and my computer is giving me fits as is my stupid stupid wonderful phone. (thus the reason there are no pictures on this post… it’s a good thing I’m not a cussin’ woman, otherwise there would be some words being spouted right now other than the word stupid…)

Now, who all is tired of me complaining yet??


GOOD NEWS: Looked up Annabelle’s labs from this morning… they look fabulous from what I can tell! I knew they would be, but I always get nervous until I see the results.

AND!!!! As long of a day as it was, it was still a SUPER SUPER SPECIAL one.

Mommy LOVES you Sweetheart!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness….you DID have a day. You sound downright upbeat, considering. Hang in there. You obviously have your priorities in the right place or this kind of a day would totally derail you. Keep up the good work.

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