I’m sprinkling Sandwich, with a Side of Romance throughout the blogosphere this month! Well, I did that last month too, but it continues throughout this month as well.

One of the things my publisher set up is a blog tour at pumpupyourbooks.com. Every weekday between now and the end of the month, Sandwich will take a trip to a different blog!

Most of these are book reviews, some are book giveaways, and others are guest posts.

Click here for a list of Sandwich Stops on the tour.

I’ve also added an events tab on my blog that shows you all the other Sandwich stops!

You’ll notice that it includes a few FUN things like a stop at Melissa Tagg’s place today and a sandwich blog party on Friday at Casey’s place, and a guest post at Lisa Jordan’s place next week.

Now online appearances I can do.

In person ones… on the other hand… are quite gulp-worthy!

My first two “appearances” are this month and to say I’m nervous is an extreme understatement.

I’ll be at the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville on Friday, October 12th along with two fabulous authors, Julie Cantrell (author of Into the Free) and Julie Cannon (Author of Twang.)

And while I’m waiting for final details, I’m tentatively scheduled for my first in-store book-signing at Lifeway Cool Springs on Saturday, October 20th during Lifeway Fiction Days.

Oh goodness.

I’m nervous just typing that!

*deep breathe in paper bag breaths*

Anyway, I decided to blog about my sprinkles today so I don’t bombard you throughout the month with sandwich stuff.

I’ll save future reminders for my Facebook author page, so if you want reminders, get thyself to Facebook!

OH! And someone mentioned that it’s been a while since I’ve given you a “princess” update… and I totally agree!!!

Friday will be princess filled, I promise!

Now, time to get the princess up from nap so we can go see our heart friend, Anna Reese, then go to feeding therapy. Fun times, Fun times!

DISCUSSION: I recently asked on my author Facebook page, and thought I’d ask here too… if you were to walk into a bookstore and see an author “signing” books… would you mosy on over to check it out or take a wide angle around to avoid making eye contact?

If you’re a “keep my distance” kinda person, is there anything that would convince you to change your mind?



  1. Krista, it's fun to see you visiting others in the blogosphere. I hope you're having fun and aren't too overwhelmed with all the promotion commotion.

    My advice regarding your appearances is to relax. Those who are coming to see you want to be there. They're excited for you. And what can be really cool is that they want to talk about your book and your writing. It doesn't get much better than that. =)

    As far as signings. Yes. You'll get people who avoid making eye contact and go out of their way to stay as far from your signing table as possible. I've thought about putting a sign on my table that says something like this:

    Yes, I'm here to sell books.
    No, I won't force you to buy mine.
    I'm just a mild-mannered author who would love to talk with you about what you like to read.
    And I have chocolate!

  2. I would deff go up to the author and start talking. and I would run over to them if it was you!!

  3. I usually glance at the book displayed to see if it is something I would probably be interested in reading. If it is, I'll mosey on over pick up the book and look at it. If the author starts talking to me, I'll answer. Depending on how well I interact with them will often determine on how long I stay at the table and think about purchasing the book. (I don't know if this helps. I definitely don't like feeling pressured. Casual and carefree conversation makes me feel at ease and allows me to feel comfortable enough to easily discuss the book or other items.) Of course, if I saw you in my local bookstore, I'd would make a bee-line for you and introduce myself. If I didn't have my copy of "Sandwich with a Side Romance", I'd probably buy a 2nd copy to have you sign it.

    I hope all goes well for you and have fun on your blog and other tours.

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