Posted this on my Facebook author page today — so if you’ve already seen this — you aren’t having Déjà vu.

Such a busy week ahead.

Continuing to promote and drum up
some more reviews for Love’s Gift (If you haven’t gotten it yet — its only 99 cents — you should —

I’m also leaving tomorrow for Sandwich, IL to celebrate the
life of my sweet, sweet Grandma who passed away on Saturday. Her
birthday was today. She would have been 90 years old.

Throw in a massive stash of laundry that needs to be done before I go,
still need to figure out Halloween costumes for a few kids, and
Annabelle having surgery next week — OH and did I mention I have a book
I really need to finish by the end of this month to keep on schedule?
AND my novella A (kinda) Country Christmas comes out as an individual
book the first week of November.

Yeah. I’m a little busy.

But remembering that all this “life” stuff — it’s good. It’s not
something just to be checked off a list, but to be enjoyed and
celebrated and savored. Kinda like grandma’s family famous Caramel Rolls
smile emoticon

SO thankful for perspective this week.


PS. if you’re wondering where the verse of the day is —  I read I Peter 1 and 2 today (and have been reading it the last few days.) Just so much good stuff there. Instead of posting a verse — I encourage you to take a few minutes of your beautiful “life’ today and go read it.

Love me some Peter. 🙂