Life-Song Park 2: “Tomorrow”

Part 1: “Blessed Be the Name:

Fast forward 7 years….

Baby #4 was on the way, and we were SO excited. But we found out that
she had a devestating heart condition that gave her a 70% chance of
survival and not the most reassuring prognosis long-term.

May of that year, there was a terrible flood in Nashville close to
where we live. It devastated thousands of people’s home and took many
lives. During one of the telethons to raise money for flood victims,
Alison Krauss sang “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.”

And again, I wept.

One of the lines goes:

I don’t worry o’er the future, 
For I know what Jesus said. 
And today I’ll walk beside Him, 
For He knows what lies ahead. 

(I blogged about it here… it is one of the pivotal blogs in my journey with Annabelle that I still go back and read to remind myself….)

knew we would spend 308 days in the hospital Annabelle. If I’d have
known that… I probably would have had heart failure myself! I was
preparing for 4 to 6 weeks… God knows the future. I determined to
focus on walking beside Jesus. I failed a lot. But I listened to this
song ALL THE TIME throughout our journey with Annabelle. It was a
reminder to focus on walking with Jesus TODAY… and leaving tomorrow to

Fast Forward 2 Years…

(To Be Continued next Thursday….)