I shared this post on Facebook yesterday, I wanted to share it here too because I am just WAY TOO EXCITED about the matter.


It has been a stellar book week.

Like, the ugly cry, get ZERO work done, call multiple people on the phone and squeal kinda stellar.

I’ll be honest. Book releases are a mixture of emotions. I’m SO EXCITED but on the same token, all my worries that I KNOW I shouldn’t have bubble to the surface and overwhelm me.

I KNOW in my head the answer is to give it to God. To trust Him. The book will sell the # of copies it is supposed to sell and not one more or one less. The book won’t be everyone’s cup of Dr. Pepper (or tea, whatever) but that’s okay. I should be seeking GOD’S approval, not mans.

I remind myself of those things daily. That it’s not about me, this book writing thing. It never was. Even when the preorder rankings are dismal or when someone tells me they’re reading a review copy and I am JUST SURE that they will be all one-star-hating it. It.Is.Not.About.Me. <<said through gritted teeth, reminding my feeble, human heart of this fact>>

Then my SUPER COOL NEWS happens. An email from my publisher. The Engagement Plot got a STARRED review in the Library Journal.

A good review by the LJ is awesome.
A STARRED review is rare and super coveted and is about enough to make me weep and laugh and scream all at the same time.

And still God says — It’s not about you, Krista. It never was.

He has plans for this little imperfect book. I have no clue what they are. Maybe there is one person out there who really needs to read it, to hear that God loves them even in their mess. Maybe there is one person who needs to know the life-giving power of offering forgiveness even when it hasn’t been earned. Maybe there is one person who needs to humbly admit their humanity. And maybe there are a few more that will really just need a good laugh on a really bad day that God will use this book to give. Maybe it will sell a million copies and totally provide for our financial needs for years to come and I’ll be able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars away to feed hungry children….. an author can dream, okay?!?

Regardless of God’s plans, big or small, I am so thankful for this bit of encouragement today that he gave me.

Without further adu, the library journal review!!

*Phillips, Krista. The Engagement Plot. Shiloh Run. Nov. 2017. 320p. ISBN 9781683223160. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9781683223153. CF

Reality TV stars Hanna Knight and Will Preston’s engagement is destroyed when Will suggests an impropriety with “Holy Hanna” on national television. Devastated, she heads home to Minnesota to escape the press and social media gossip. Now six months later, Will has come to apologize. Against her better judgment, Hanna allows herself to fall back into the publicity trap so Will can save his job. However, the road to salvation is fraught with pitfalls and the two are brought to their knees more than once on their journey. ­VERDICT With the message that it is never too late to turn back to God, this faith-filled romance is absolutely impossible to put down. ­Phillips’s (A Side of Faith, Hope, and Love) entertaining, heartwarming, and compelling love story will satisfy admirers of Francine Rivers and Susan Anne Mason.


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