I just know you all want to be teleported back to the 3rd grade and relive it right?

Actually, that particular year was a good one for me. The next 4 years stunk pretty bad though.

My eldest daughter started the third grade last week, and she came home that day declaring, “MOM, I’m going to LOVE the third grade!”

Now, is it just me, or is school changing since I went? It probably is, and that’s okay. It’s a good thing. My daughter is to bring in a snack each day (we NEVER had food outside of lunch unless it was someone’s birthday), they have what she calls a 20-minute dance off on Friday if no one gets in trouble that week (very ingenious idea… but I definitely don’t recall dancing in school!), and they have “take home” folders that are neatly labeled by the teacher (do you remember ROCKIN’ AWESOME trapper keepers??? Things of the past evidently…)

The coolest thing about third grade though is what they LEARN. It’s a pivotal time in their little brains because they skip from simple addition and subtraction to MULTIPLICATION! They are actually expected to spell correctly instead of just sounding out phonetically. Their writing should have key elements like description, organization, and answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Oh, and let’s not forget. They start being graded by A, B, C, D, or F, not just E S N.

Yes, third grade is the beginning of the “big time.”

As a writer, when reviewing the posted curriculum, my eyes skimmed the page until I got to the “writing” section. And SHOCK! I found my daughter was to learn things very similar to what I need to work on in my writing! Maybe I DO need to go back to 3rd grade.


  1. Use a variety of prewriting strategies such as:
    • Brainstorm,
    • Write key thoughts and questions, record reactions and observations and group related ideas (aka research!),
    • Construct graphic organizers to group ideas for writing e.g., webs, charts, graphs, diagrams, illustrations (this should make all you plotters giddy),
    • Write for an audience,
    • Select a focus in writing.
  2. Show evidence of drafting and rewriting (LOOK! REWRITING!)
  3. Include editing in written work (for us grownups… aka spellcheck… okay more than that but…)
  4. Evaluate own and other’s work (CRITIQUE GROUPS!)
  5. Experience numerous publishing opportunities (Traditional or self, that tis the question!)
  6. Write expressively using original ideas, reflections, and observations (NO cliche’s, woohoo!)

See? I think we should all go back to the third grade!

Discussion: If you had to repeat one grade, which one would it be and why?



  1. I'd have to say the fourth grade … cuz that was my favorite teacher. And her hot Clark Kent look a like husband would visit us all the time.

  2. I am sending my oldest daughter to thrid grade on Wednesday. She can't wait. Multiplication and writing in Cursive are at the top of her list of what she can't wait to learn.
    Love your blog. I just found it today. Going to check it out some more. 🙂

  3. Wow! What a list for third grade! Sounds like she has a great teacher!

    I honestly can't remember liking any grade of school. I loved learning but it got drowned out in the myriad of other petty issues that come along with being around peers all day! It's only since I'm adult that I've actually nourished and returned to my love of learning. I'm excited to learn new things and it's finally fun!

  4. I have no interest in repeating any grade I've ever been in. I loved school, but the whole point is that I did it once, and now it's behind me. If I went back, I've have to try to fix any mistakes I made, except then I wouldn't have learned from those mistakes, and I wouldn't be me anymore!

  5. MY DD is heading into third grade this year too. I remember that year fondly as the last year of really being 'Little". Funny huh?

    I'm happily reliving a better version of High School writing my YA.

  6. Wow! Your daughter's curriculum sounds awesome. No wonder she loves it!

    I hated third grade. We'd moved to a different state halfway through and I didn't have any friends. Also, my teacher disliked me and made my life miserable.

    All the other grades were pretty good, though. I loved those trapper keepers!

  7. If I was going to repeat a grade it would be my senior year in high school. Either that or any college year because I had a blast in college. 🙂

  8. I'd relive first grade. My teacher was awesome. Even though that was the year my parents divorced, my dad remarried, and my mom started dating again, Mrs. Turner made me forget my real life every day. That was before kids got really mean, coloring a picture of a house with two trees on either side every day was awesome fun, and there was Play-Doh waiting for us in the mornings. 🙂

  9. I think I'd pick 5th grade. I had a great teacher and we started doing units of study with more independence and creativity.

    I still remember having to write a descriptive paragraph about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Instead of a grade, we had to go to the front of the class and "make" our sandwich as the teacher read exactly what we had written. Classmates didn't laugh – they groaned when they remembered the words in their own paragraphs.

    BTW, I sometimes speak at my kids' schools about being a writer. I take the steps that they are learning and show what that looks like when I write a book. I couldn't believe how many kids came up afterward and told me about the book they were writing.

  10. Coming over from Rachelle's…
    Timely post! I've just sent my son off to third grade.

  11. Yuck–third grade stunk! That's not to say I couldn't use a refresher course on some things your daughter will be learning.

    As for going back, I loved first. It was the best (pretty much pre-teasing).

  12. I would repeat freshman year of high school. I love how you related your DD's curriculum to writing. That's great stuff right there, Krista!

  13. Marybeth: Clark Kent… WOW!

    Get Real Girl: WELCOME!!! How funny both of our eldest daughters are entering the same grade! Cursive is on the top of Karalynn's list too. She's been practicing her name to impress her teacher 🙂

    Jody: She has an excellent teacher! And I totally understand… 3rd grade was the last grade for me before the whole cattyness started.

    CKHB: I don't necessarily want to UNDO my schooling… well, okay maybe a FEW things… 🙂

    T.Anne: WOW! Lots of Mom's of 3rd graders here! We need to start a club! High school wasn't my shining moment… I need to relive it too!

    Jill: Yes, trapper keepers rocked!

    Erika: Ha.. I went to college my senior year… so it would could as double. hehe!

    Valerie: LOVED first grade too! Hurray for PlayDough!

    Candee: 5th grade was close to torture for me. So I'll repeat 3rd while you do 5th kay?!?

    Carolinestarr: WELCOME! Rachelle's blog is awesome! And you can join the mom's of 3rd grader's club too! 🙂

    Tara: I'm so sorry your 3rd grade was rough! The teasing started for me in the 4th grade:-)

    Katie: Freshman… that wasn't horrible. I could live with doing that one over MAYBE. (I certainly could learn a lot!)

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