I just have to say…

I am very blessed to be a part of the Middle Tennessee Christian Writer’s group. We have so many VERY VERY talented authors and I’ve learned SO very much from each of them.

So, I figured I’d continue the theme and review another MTCW member’s book.

This week, I’ve picked Tamera Alexander’s “Beyond This Moment” because I just finished it last week, and it was AMAZING!

But once again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Official Amazon Blurb:

Dismissed from the university where she served as Professor of Romantic Languages, Dr. Molly Whitcomb travels west to start over in the secluded mountain town of Timber Ridge, Colorado, where she’ll be teaching children. Her train stops in Denver, and on a whim, Molly purchases a wedding band–an attempt to cover a mistake, but also a chance at a fresh start.

Sheriff James McPherson was eager to hire a schoolteacher, but Dr. Molly Whitcomb isn’t what he expected. His instincts about people–which rarely miss the mark–tell him she’s hiding something. And when Molly’s secret is revealed, her reinvented life begins to unravel. What’s more, she risks losing her newfound relationship with the sheriff and her renewed faith in God.

Krista’s thoughts: First, KUDOS to whoever wrote the aforementioned blurb. Sometimes these blurbs give away too much of the story and almost make it pointless to read the book, but this one is very very good. Gives some secret hints that to be honest, I might have reviewed about if not for reading their masterful summary.

So anyway, I LOVED IT! I skipped a whole evening of writing to finish this, and stayed up late into the night too. It’s one of those feel good romances that you want to see it end very badly because you’re rooting for the characters. But there is a ton of depth beyond the romance, with many deep issues dealt with. I LOVE when authors have the guts to dig deep, and Tamera sure delivers.

So… two thumbs up from moi!

Discussion: Let’s see… how about everyone tell me the last GOOD book you read? Ugh, I should say this, because I’m bound to add too many books to my TBR pile!!



  1. I just ordered a couple of new books from Amazon and am eagerly awaiting their arrival! One by Siri Mitchell and then one by Mary Connealy. I've gotten such great ideas from reading everyone's book reviews! It's been great! And it does sound like you have a wonderful writer's group! I'm jealous!

  2. Every Good and Perfect Gift by Sharon Souza!!!! WOW! SO good! Balled like a baby, seriously. Just a warning, it's not a happy go lucky book, but there definitely is humor in it.

  3. Hey, Krista! Thanks for the book review. I'll have to check it out.

    I'm really loving Susan Meissner's "A Seahorse in the Thames". The title is so cool that I can't stop thinking about it. The story is good too!!!

    Tomorrow on my blog I'm going to have a book feature of one of my favorites by W. Dale Cramer. Please come by and check it out; if you haven't read him already, I think you would really like him!

  4. This book sounds great! I just finished The Hope of Refuge which (I believe) is still reviewed up on my blog. If you want to win a copy just leave your name in my comments section, I'm doing the drawing tonight.

  5. I'm probably outing myself as a dork, but I'm a fan of Twilight. It tops my favorite list.

  6. Sounds like a good one! The last one I read was "Under the Tuscan Sun" … love travel memoir-type books! 🙂

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