In Wednesday’s post, I presented to you a nugget of information in which I asked for you to drum up some possibilities for book ideas from it.

The nugget? A car that I saw driving down the road with the words, “I HAVE NO FRIENDS” painted in large letters on the back.

You all rocked at brainstorming. Here are some of the ideas you came up with:

  • The dude was drunk… little scary since they were driving but totally believable!
  • Lottery winner that no longer has friends
  • Mean teenage girls being their bratty selves to the class “misfit”
  • A rich dude incognito was tired of the lack of compassion on the lonely and wanted to test out what people would do.
  • Attention getter
  • A lonely man crying out for friends
  • A status statement, “I may not have friends… but dude I got a cool car!”
  • The driver was going through a “hazing” initiation
  • The driver was proud of the fact he had no friends
  • The driver thinks friends are overrated and would rather have his car as a friend.
  • It’s opposite day!
  • A social experiment, a way to make people feel sorry for him and lure them into his evil world
  • Originally said “I have nice friends” but a jealous coworker changed “nice” to “no” and the guy didn’t notice yet.

I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed. You all did amazing!!

So, as promised, here is my paragraph (okay it’s really a scene… I decided to have a little fun with it!)

Genre of choice: Thriller (not your typical Krista scene, let me tell ya!)

Jake struggled against the weight of the bag. The chloroform would wear off soon and she needed to be in the trunk before then. He wanted her to suffer, to feel his pain, his loneliness. She’d looked down on him, rolled her eyes at his advances for the last time. No longer would she tip that cute nose of hers up as she strode by his cubicle, stand there with her friends and talk about him when she thought he couldn’t hear, or parade the sickening picture her with her husband and little brat around the office just to make him jealous.

She was no different than all the rest. And she would be treated the same as the other tramps who didn’t appreciate him.

He dropped the bag on the concrete garage floor and thought he heard a moan. Better hurry. He punched a button on the keyless remote to the late model Mercedes and lifted the trunk. As he bent to pick up the bag, a kick caught him in the ankle, and he swore under his breath.

“Don’t worry little lady. You’ll be where you belong soon.” Struggling against the fighting woman, he heaved the bag into the trunk and slammed the lid. Now for the fun part. He grabbed the white paint stick from his pocket and climbed atop the trunk, ignoring the pounding beneath him. His hand was steady from practice as he scrawled out the now familiar words.

After the deed was done, he climbed down and patted the trunk with his gloved hand. “No worries, hun. It’ll all be over soon enough. They’ll know the truth about you, that you’re really not much different from me.”


“What have we got detective?” Sadie Powers stood behind Detective Winters, but even while she asked, deep down she knew the question was unnecessary. The words “I HAVE NO FRIENDS” on the back of the car told it all.

“Female vic, I’d say late twenties. My guess is it’s no different than the rest. Her own car, no finger prints except the vics. Looks like she was there for a few days. Lots of bruises, probably from the car ride. Autopsy will tell us the cause of death, but I’d bet a million it’s suffocation, just like the rest.”

“Have you located next of kin?”

“There’s a missing persons report files yesterday, but they haven’t been notified. Thought you’d like to do the honors. She was married and has a small kid.”

Sadie blew out a breath. What a way to start a Monday morning.


Okay, so there you go. I went a wee bit overboard… sorry! My idea was, “What if it’s a psychopath who has no friends and wants to make all the ‘popular’ people friendless like him, and hides a dead body in the trunk and “announces” to the world through the sign on the back that the person in the trunk has no friends… just like him.”

Let me just say… I write romantic comedy… the above is NOT the type of story you’ll see in my books (although, if I were to write the above book, Sadie would go tell husband, husband will go ballistic and want to help every way with the investigation, and Sadie and husband end up together in the end… See? Romance makes every story better!)

And two, the above is fiction. I don’t have some secret vendetta to kill people because I’m friendless. Just want to make sure that’s known (this is why I don’t write suspense… I’d be afraid people would think I’m crazy!)

On that bright note… HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Fat Friday, BTW, will return again in full force next week. So dust of that scale folks! I, personally, am starting at ZERO today. Let’s see who can lose the most weight this next week shall we?? Ready… set… GO!



  1. Okay, you totally have me freaking out this morning! 🙂 Happy Friday to you too!! Oh yikes, I guess that's why I stick with the HEA stories too. The others are just too sad, because we all know stuff like that really happens.

    But on another note, I love your writing! You drew me in just a couple of paragraphs! Great job!

  2. LOL, oh, the thriller would be happily ever after… it's just scare the whits out of you prior to that. *grin*

    Thanks! And let me tell you, I wrote that last night when my husband was at work. La, never again!

  3. That's a nice but sad little piece of fiction there. You certainly had the creative juices flowing! I've got the urge to read some Word and do a little blogging of my own this morn after staying up so late. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast in bed this morning! You're the best Krista! 🙂

  4. Great writing! You could try your hand at Romantic comedic thrillers. LOL!

  5. Great job. Have a great weekend! :O)

  6. Sheesh…I was feeling good about my WIP until I read that. 🙁

    Great job.

  7. I would totally read that Krista! I'm a sucker for a good mystery, add in the romance and I'm sold. 🙂 Well written!

  8. I'm totally up for the challenge next week!

    How fun to branch into a new genre. I did that for a while, but am comfortably settled back into romance. Scared myself silly some nights!

  9. Krista are you sure all you write is romance? You had me convinced!

    Great excerpt! I hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Just to clarify lest someone be confused…

    I am NOT switching genre's. I am still a contemporary romance girl… but just thought I'd have a little fictional fun with writing.

    If I ever decided to REALLY write suspense, you'd find me with my laptop in my closet with the door locked, and every other word would be spelled wrong because of my trembling hands.

    Um, yeah, I scare easily.

  11. Talk about an imagination! I love it! Maybe you should take a STAB at thrillers…you're KILLER at it. Wow…horrible, horrible puns.

  12. Dang, KP! I didn't know you had it in ya. ;D

  13. I'm officially creeped out. Great writing, interesting characters. And I love your disclaimers.

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