I love my children.

I really do.

But sometimes they have a way of saying things that are just so honest that it’s humbling (not to mention embarrassing and irritating!)

Example One: I try my best to teach my kids that we don’t just buy something because we happen to want it when we see it in the store. 98% of the time when they ask for something, my response is, “We don’t have money to buy that today.” That isn’t to say we are out of money, literally, but to teach them that we need to save for things, budget for them, instead of just buying on a whim. But a few years ago, we were having a b-day party for Gabby, and I’d recently bought the kiddos a sandbox at a garage sale. However, we hadn’t gotten to Lowe’s to get sand for it yet. So, after cake, we were all sitting outside, and someone asked about the sandbox. My daughter spoke up before I could say a word: “Oh, Mommy and Daddy don’t have enough money to buy sand.” I, as you can imagine, was mortified. Everyone looked at me with expressions of pity. My father-in-law went out that same day and bought us sand, even though I assured everyone that it wasn’t because of our finances, but lack of time instead.

Example Two: When I was pregnant with Gabby, I told my kids that my belly would get smaller once baby wasn’t in there anymore. Well, a few days after I got home with my Gabriella, Karalynn came and sat by me and gave me a very serious look. “Mommy, I though that after you had the baby, you wouldn’t be fat anymore.” I, like the hormonal, postpartum blues-filled Mom I was, cried.

Example Three: To bring us to current (and to stop picking on Karalynn,) I got to my in-laws house on Saturday to get my kids, and of course I was overwhelmed with little girl hugs. I LOVED it. I sat down on the couch and Lacy was snuggling with me and Annabelle. She put a hand to my belly and said, “Mommy, I can tell baby Annabelle has grown!” I smiled. “You have?” She nodded. “Yep. Your legs are a LOT bigger now!”

MY LEGS?????

In retribution … I’m posting these fun pictures of my kiddos from last weekend.

Nice girls posing with great-grandma… (they just got out of the pool, hence the wet hair)

Crazy girls posing with great-grandma, bring out their REAL selves! *grin*

Have your kids, or anyone else for that matter, kept you humble lately?



  1. Um, living with two "tell it like it is" males offers consistent servings of humble pie.

    Also restraint on my part.


    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness, yes. Isn't that the way of little ones? My girls keep me fit with the humility.

    Hope you're feeling well. 🙂

  3. Ha! So funny. I'm afraid of what my little guy will say when he's talking more.

  4. Oooohhhhh! Your girls are precious and it looks like they have their momma's fun spirit. You are blessed, I know!

    My daughter told me I was ditzy and all her friends thought so. What???? She explained they thought I was funny in a "naive/sweet" kind of way.


    Okay, so maybe I am weird. I like to think I am fun and joyful. But maybe I don't come across like I think I do! lol

  5. Your daughters are precious!! I work with young children every day, so I'm constantly kept humble by the things that pop out of their mouths. My heart swells when I hear them repeating positive things I've said…not because I've said it, but because they are listening and learning.

  6. Oh my goodness, you now how to make this woman laugh on a Friday afternoon! hilarious, Krista!

    Once, during summer camp, when I was a counselor, I had this little boy who just kept staring at me and smiling and I thought, "Oh, how cute, he's got a crush on me." HA! About two seconds later, he tugged on my shirt and said, "You have yellow teeth." Well, then! Can't kid for dishonesty! Whether he'll be a charmer or not is up for debate.

  7. I brought home a dish called "Spasagna" from Cheddar's (back when I could eat). As I was warming it up the next day, Jackson asked, "Whatcha doin', Momma?" I said, "Warming up my spaghetti." He said, "Um, no, Momma. It's Spasagna." I said, "Well, yes, you're right." So then Jackson says, "You were wrong, Momma, and I helped you."

    That's just the first one that came to mind. Day before yesterday, Jackson made me feel super old (which, since I just turned 30 last Wednesday, I didn't need any help with). I said I used to do something, and Jackson said, "When? Way back in the 1983's?" Five-year-olds. Hmm.

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