No weight gain yesterday.

Although my sweet nurse has evidently caught my “optimistic” bug and noted that we DID gain weight yesterday…


From 9.46 to 9.47.


While I’m optimistic… counting that as a “gain” is a stretch, even for me!

Although, then she said, “Well, at least she didn’t LOSE weight.”

So yes, I’ll totally give her that!

Keepin’ on the happy -thoughts train in Annabelle’s room! Mommy likes!

We changed formula to the high calories on feed 3 of 4 yesterday. She threw up (a lot…) twice.

On feed 4, we slowed down the rate (feeding over 1 1/2 hours instead of 1… YUCK) and while she gagged both last night and this morning, no actual vomit. I also had to stop the feeds three times today to keep her from throwing up, so really, it was over close to 2 hours when you count the pause times.

We don’t anticipate seeing an immediate change in weight. But hopefully soon.

She peed better yesterday too… we’re gonna give the higher lasix dose today then go back to the lesser amount tomorrow.

Please pray for my “big” girls. I talked to them last night and *sigh*. It’s hard having Mommy away, and I think a little scary considering how LONG it lasted originally. My heart just broke when one of them called me crying like crazy. If we aren’t home by Friday, they are going to come up and spend the evening after school here. But I’m praying we’re home by Friday!!

Melissa and I went down and watched KungFu Panda 2 and ate pizza courtesy of Vandy Volunteers… they do this EVERY monday night, and it is super helpful for the kiddos here to have something to do (not to mention us Momma’s!)

Tonight the Friends of Children’s Hospital sponsors Pizza-bingo downstairs. This makes me want to laugh because this was a monthly event for Melissa and I back in the day, and the nurses would laugh at us when we came back with the “loot” (i.e. toys for our kids) we won. Again, I think God has a sweet sense of humor having our hospital stay fall on pizza-bingo week! Brings back a ton of memories.

Isn’t it cool how God can bring little things that make us smile even in the midst of crazy, frustrating times? I love that about God. He never promised life would be happy and roses and sunshine all the time, but he DID promise he’d help us get through it, if we let him.

Thanks goes to…

A BIG thanks to Mandy (Heart-Momma to Will) for the Subway gift-card!

And thank you to my Momma who is gonna come take me to lunch today while Annabelle naps! I am SUPER SUPER excited about this!!! I haven’t been out of the hospital since Thursday!

A ginormous thanks Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. I don’t say it as much as I should, but I really do LOVE our hospital here. I get frustrated sometimes, but geez. We’re dealing with frustrating issues that have no “right or wrong” answer, and I’m 100% confident in the team here, that they are doing their best to help us and I’m SO SO SO thankful for them.

Blog update…

Someone mentioned in a comment yesterday that she’d like to get e-mails of posts… so I added a little gadget on the side where you can put your e-mail and “subscribe” to the blog via e-mail. You can also “follow” the blog so it will show on your blogger reader list too.

Fun Pictures…

Our attempt to tame her cords….
Yet… she still gets tangled! (Yes, I was mean and took a pic before helping her! She was trying to get a toy and was getting SO frustrated at cords being in her way!)
HI EVERYONE!!!!!! Don’t mind me, I just wanna eat Momma’s phone…


  1. Oh goodness, I cannot imagine trying to keep those cords straight with a squirmy little one. Wowsers.

    And my heart goes out to your older girls. I remember spending a lot of time without my mom when my sister was in the hospital with cancer. If it makes you feel any better, I turned out normal. Well, except for that weird tic that makes my eyebrow jump up to my hairline. (just kidding!) 🙂

  2. I remembered another calorie booster…Nido the dried WHOLE milk (Often in the Hispanic section of the store) add 2tablespoons I believe to her reg formula and you have added 150 calories without changing or increasing the amount of fluid. Can she handle milk?.

    Hoping you are home very soon!

  3. My heart aches for you.I'm praying right now for Friday 'going home day!' xo

  4. Thank you about adding the gadget for email subscribes! I added one of those gadgets to my blog yesterday too!

  5. Let's hear it for progress of any kind, clever solutions to cord containment, and lunch out with your mom. At times like these, the simple pleasures are well worth celebrating.

  6. Prayers coming your way. I don't know how you stay so positive… you are truly an inspiration. 🙂

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