Annabelle did GREAT!

Anesthesiologist originally said they’d try to put her to sleep more “mildly” and have her not need a breathing tube… Mommy nodded her head knowing that she’d need some kind of breathing tube. She doesn’t keep her SAT’s up in regular sleep much less drug-induced sleep!

Sure enough… they had to intubate (only an LT tube instead of an ET one though, so not as invasive…) but she did fabulous. Took about an hour from the time she left me to the time I got to see her.

They said they found nothing concerning just observing (and I have cool pictures of her insides which is super weird and cool!) but did biopsies. The results should be back within 1 to 2 days. But… if I don’t here back… I’m supposed to call in a week.

As you might have guessed, I’ll give them the 2 days… but day 3 they will receive a phone call! Ha!

Have not talked to the team yet, but since the scope and biopsy are normally outpatient procedures, and besides the watery stool, she’s doing much better, so I anticipate us going home tomorrow.

A few pics….

Daddy surprised us with a visit on Sunday!!!!!! Mommy and Annabelle were SO SO SO happy to see him!
On the way down the elevator! There is a big blue duck with a blue water ceiling… always makes Annabelle look blue! Was even worse when she WAS blue to start with, ha! Annabelle LOVES staring at the duck though!

In the PACU… getting ready!

On our way back up… she’s a bit groggy….

Back in our room… Sock Monkey (THANKS Norm and Allison!) is keeping her company!
A little bit of camera flash… a little bit of drugs… what can I say!

And a little video while we were waiting in the PACU… my fav part of this is between minute 1 and 2 when she was jumping! (and I figured out how to take clearer videos with my phone! DUH ME!!! Makes me sad that my others were so fuzzy… but oh-well!)



  1. Oh I LOVE the video! I love seeing our heart warriors in action – and that is absolutely adorable. I love her little temper – Bodie is the SAME way. Glad all went well with the scopes – hoping and praying you're back home tomorrow!!! Oh, and Bodie does the same thing with his binkies – they always end up between the mattress and the sides of the crib (when we're in the hospital at least)…

  2. Krista, I'm glad to hear everything went well. I hope you get to go home tomorrow and you can all get some rest and enjoy time with the family.

  3. I'm sooo glad to hear things went well. I hope you're able to go home tomorrow.

  4. I'm a little late checking in. Glad it all went well and I hope you get those results soon!

  5. She's so stinkin cute! I am glad she is through another procedure!

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