While I’ve dipped my toes now into the publishing industry, I’ll be the first to tell you I know next to nothing about how online retailers price books.

So I have zero idea what the reasoning for my book price to drop to almost half price at two major online bookselling retailers.

True to my active, story-telling imagination, I’ve conjured up all kinds of potential reasons including:

  • Price wars between online stores (stemming from the fact that one would list for one price, the other would list for 3 cents cheaper, then another for even cheaper, then 2 of them dropped dramatically as noted above, although I just really gotta tell you, the thought of my book being important enough for a price war to these big-name-companies is highly comical to me and probably the most far-fetched idea out of them all!)
  • Computer glitches caused by the divine finger of God trying to entice people to buy my book (again… wee little peon writer… big huge God running the whole universe.. hrm…)
  • Aliens abducting the person in charge of pricing…
  • Someone bringing their kid to work and letting them play on the computer, and said 5-year-old has fun typing random numbers into the pricing software…. (my personal favorite)

But regardless…

As of this moment, you can by my book for a little cheaper! And to those who have already preordered on, say, Amazon… they have a price guarantee so when you actually PAY for the book when it is shipped in September, you’ll pay the lowest price that occurred between purchase date and shipping date.

Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, so if you hadn’t ordered yet and WANTED to (no arm-twisting here… cause I know some are probably just waiting for it to come out in the store so you can actually go get it, which is totally cool, or for it to be available via Kindle/Nook/eReader, which is totally cool too… or just don’t want to get it… which bites but really is totally cool as well….) Anywho, now is a decent time to order for those wanting to! (this is why I never went into sales…)

Amazon and Barnes and Noble… as of 8:44 pm on Sunday… both have Sandwich, with a Side of Romance for $7.72! You can also still find it on Christianbook and BAM for less than retail as well (because all’s fair in love and website linkage!)

And while we are talking about books, anyone else on Goodreads.com? If you are, find me and friend me! You can also find my book there, too, if you’d like, and add it to your shelf!

**brief Annabelle update**

I’ll have more to say on Wednesday, but briefly, she’s doing well! A bit crabbier than normal, but I think her mouth is really bothering her. LOTS of teeth working their way out. We go tomorrow for a brief clinic visit just for lab work since one of her levels was too high last week, but other than that, no more “doctor” visits until her heart cath, which is coming up WAY TOO FAST. *gulp*



  1. It's so cool to see your book on the booksellers' sites, Krista. And yay on the price war. Who knows why they take place, but they do. Works out well for readers and authors, that's for sure.

    So glad Annabelle is doing better.

  2. LOL! Love the post. And YES I've already pre-ordered so they can leg wrestle all they want…*I* get the cheepest price. ;-))

  3. Yeah, I'm still leaning toward the 5-year-old playing on their amazon/BN working daddy's computer…

    Or aliens….

  4. Okay, I admit it, My kid is the cause for the lower price. He hacked into the booksellers' systems and I caught him in the act. Haha! Not really. But with as good as he's getting on a computer, it wouldn't surprise me. 🙂

    So fun to see YOUR name on Amazon, Krista!

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