I’m SO excited to host my first Friday Blog PJ party!

And joining me today is my good friend and fab author Jen Stephens! As part of the festivities, Jen allowed me to interview her, AND she is going to give away a copy of her debut book, A Heart’s Journey Home, to a fellow party-goer!

So… get on your virtual PJs, grab some popcorn, chocolate, and coke, and let the FUN begin!!!

Krista: Jen, I’m so excited to have you at my blog party today! You look AWESOME with your pig tails and Wonder Woman PJs on. So…. What kinda fuzzy slippers did you bring to wear at our blog PJ party? Mine are big black teddy bears….

Jen: Goofy. We just visited Disney for the first time this past December and I’m a sucker for the big, silly character!

Krista: LOVE me some Goofy slippers! Awesome! Okay, now that we are all snug in our slippers and doped up on chocolate, OH MY GOSH! I am SO excited for you! Your debut novel, The Heart’s Journey Home, released about a month ago. You must be flying SO high! Tell us about that moment when you FIRST held your book! Details, girlfriend, details!

Jen: It was very surreal. I actually had just gotten off the treadmill and was on the phone with the girl who was helping me plan my release party. The UPS guy came to our door and my 5-year-old got the book from him and handed it to me! I hugged her and explained to her that she just gave me my first copy of my book . . . and then she got into trouble for opening the door to a stranger!
Krista: Speaking of The Heart’s Journey Home, what’s it about?

Jen: The Heart’s Journey Home is a story about life, love, loss, and finding love again. It’s a story about how faith can lead you home . . . though it may not be on the path that you expect. Here is a brief synopsis:

Three years after Kate Sterling’s heart was shattered by the unexpected death of her husband, she packs up what is left of her life and moves back to Harvest Bay, Ohio, with her young daughter. She soon discovers that her sleepy hometown has changed—and that she has been given a second chance at love. But, is God leading her to a love linked to the past . . . or to one who will walk with her into the future? Which road will Kate take on The Heart’s Journey Home?

The Heart’s Journey Home is very special to me, and I hope and pray that whoever reads it will be as touched as I was writing it. I believe that many of the scenes were Spirit-led because of the way it flowed and the way I felt as I wrote them. This is NOT my biography, but I come from a blended family and my Daddy went home to be with the Lord nine years ago, so in many ways writing this book was an emotional release for me. I pray that my readers can sense even a fraction of that emotion.

Krista: Wow, that sounds amazing, Jen!! I totally get how writing can be really emotional. We put a ton of ourselves in our books (emotionally not literally) whether we realize it or not.

Okay– Twitter Worthy question: What kind of M & M’s are we eating at our blog PJ party? Peanut, plain, almond (please so no), dark chocolate, Mint…. Or some other kind I’m unaware of

Jen: PLAIN! M&M’s are my fave candy and they’ve always, always got to be plain.

Krista: LOL! I’m a fan of plain myself, although a good mint M&M is always a welcome diversion!

On to my FAVORITE part of interviews:

Krista’s Pop Plot Brainstorming Quiz!

Rules: I give you a few items to work with, and you dream up a quick plot. Ready???

Give me a story that involves:

  • Nintendo WII
  • Dirty Laundry
  • That green goup girls put on their face at slumber parties (a mask something or other…)
  • And…. To shake this up a little, make it be of the thriller genre.

Jen: Gee whiz, Krista! This is tough! Okay, let’s see . . . Set the mood . . . dim lighting, scary music . . . Ahem . . . It was a dark and stormy night . . . HA! Just kidding! Okay, let’s see . . .

It had been a long week. I was ready for some relaxation by Friday evening so, with the kids deeply involved in a game on the Nintendo Wii, I took a long, hot bath and then treated myself to an exfoliating mask. When I came out of the bathroom, the kids laughed and said I looked like an alien, but when the lights went out, no one was laughing. I was slightly annoyed because I needed to get a head start on the weekend laundry but the knock at the door postponed that chore yet again. I nervously answered it to find a man in a ski mask with a chain saw that was so startled by the sight of me in my green mask that he ran away and never came back. Too bad because I had some bushes that really needed trimming!

Krista: OH MY GOODNESS! That is hilarious:-) Well done! A GREAT scary story for our PJ party!

Okay all you party-animals out there…. it’s YOUR TURN!
I have two questions for you today:

  1. What kind of fuzzy slippers are YOU wearing to our blog PJ party?
  2. Truth… or dare? *grin*

All who DARE to comment will be entered to win a copy of Jen’s new book!
You have until Sunday at 8:00 P.M. CST to enter. Winner announced on Monday!

Jen Stephens grew up in a small Ohio town where she developed a passion for writing at an early age. She participated in Young Authors contests in grade school, wrote her first novel in high school, and wrote dozens of poems and short stories in between. She majored in elementary education with a concentration in English and the humanities at the University of Toledo.

Jen lives in the Nashville, Tennessee, area with her husband and two beautiful daughters. She teaches third grade at a Christian school and is active in her church. A member of Middle Tennessee Christian Writers and Nashville Christian Writers Association, she writes in her “spare” time. Her first novel, The Heart’s Journey Home, will release in February 2010.



  1. As always, excellent interview Krista! And congrats on your debut novel, Jen!

  2. Thanks so much, Katie! It has certainly been a journey . . . and an adventure! Good luck on the contest!

  3. Is it wrong that my first thought was that a guy reading this post is the same as going on a panty raid at a sleepover? 😉

    Great post, Krista. And again, great job Jen!

  4. Great interview Jen and congrats on the success of your first book! The Lord has a plan for us and if we let him lead us the blessings are plentiful. Kudos 🙂

  5. I wish I was home in fuzzy slippers and pj's reading this. – I just have skeetchers on and I would choose dare.
    Great interview.

  6. Nice work, ladies. That was crazy good fun!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it! And yes, I'm wearing big fluffy pink slippers that my daughters picked out for Christmas for me. And my purple snowman bathrobe. And a dare? Hmmm…how about climbing a tree at a big national fiction writer's conference? 😉

  8. Fun interview, ladies!

    I'm wearing my sky blue slippers with a happy face star. Matching blue PJ's with a cloud print complete the ensemble.

    Since I won the last giveaway, I won't enter this one. 🙂


  9. Oh my word–this book looks great! Thanks so much for the interview!

  10. Made Rice Krispie treats for my son to deliver on his spring break trip to my daughter, son-in-law and other friends, so no slippers this a.m.!!

    Krista, you've created such a cozy place here!

    No popcorn, but, yes, two RK treats and licks of the melted chocolate.

    have a blessed weekend!

  11. I've got my feet wrapped because of medical condition.

    As for truth or dare–it would depend on the dare.
    Please enter me for your drawing.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  12. Jen's book sounds terrific. I've got on fuzzy black Mickey Mouse slippers. I'd love to be entered into the drawing.


  13. I'm wearing my fleece "Chipmunks" pj bottoms that my daughter got me for Christmas, along with the Alvin & the Chipmunk movie.{love Disney movies! :-)) My slippers are pink, and well-worn, but oh so comfy so I'll hang on to them for awhile yet.

    I enjoyed your interview and would love to be added to your giveaway list. Thanks for letting me come to your pajama blog party! Congrats on your first book. I'm a new follower too!



  14. I've got some striped fuzzy slippers with tassels. Fru-fru!
    As for truth or dare, I'd do the dare. Sometimes the truth…well, is scary!lol

    Great interview and the book looks amazing!

    p.s. My favorite M&M is the peanut butter ones! YUM!

  15. Great interview. This book also sounds like a great book and I would love to read it. Please enter me in the giveaway.


  16. Love hearing about everyone's cool slippers!!!!

    Jason… no panty raids allowed!

    Jody… climbing trees at a conference would make a GREAT dare. I wonder who would do such a thing…. *grin*

    Patti… you can totally bring rice krispy treats to our PJ party! YUM YUM!

    Sherrinda… yes, sometimes truth IS scary. But I also remember those dares of long ago… I always picked truth. No frozen bras for me! *grin*

  17. What a fun party! I'm still in my socks, but I'm running off to get my favourite sheepskin slippers – somehow, the only ones that stay around here because I don't often wear slippers but love these ones! 🙂 HILARIOUS little story in the middle (thanks!).

  18. I wear purple knit slippers that my mother-in-law makes for the whole family…so comfy.

    I always used to pick truth, I guess I'm not a very daring individual.


  19. Sorry I'm just now popping in again since yesterday morning. Can I just say it's been a long week?!?! @Jason, Krista took care of reprimanding you. @Drmin Auburn, yes, the Lord DOES have a plan for all of us. Sometimes it's hard for me to be patient enough to find out what it is though! @Jody, Kristin, Merry, and Jo, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. @Everyone, thank you for stopping by this little "pj party". Good luck in the drawing!

  20. Please enter me. 🙂


  21. Sign me up for Krista's debut novel please. I don't have on slippers per say, but I'm wearing pink footies with little rubber beads on the bottom to keep them from sliding.
    Deborah M.

  22. Just to be clear, this is Jen's debut novel. I WISH it was mine… ahhh, someday:-)

  23. Great impromptu story, Jen. And congrats on your book! I'm wearing pink slipper, albeit not fuzzy. Great party, Krista!

  24. a great posting!!! i love pink fuzzy slippers…(and dare, i'm up for a challenge)


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