Tomorrow morning, at about 4 a.m. I get up and leave for Minneapolis!


Ok, a little over the top excited.

BUT, I have a killer of a day ahead of me, so prayers are appreciated. Wrapping up things at work isn’t going as well as I’d planned (Stupid dad-gum hurricane messing with everything… and we weren’t even hit!). THis said, I’ve barely started packing and feel very rushed and behind. But, alas, I’m going to make it! I will I will I will!

Thought for the morning:

When you are doing something God wants you to do, the Devil is going to try and put as many hazards in the way to either 1.) Stop you 2.) make you not succeed 3.) Make you miserable while you do it.

Well, I’m here to testify that the Devil is trying his darndest but I’m am not allowing him to win. By the power of God, the devil will NOT stop me, he will NOT keep me from success, and I am going to be happy and cheerful while I do it!

So take that, Devil.

(Given that I’ve pretty much just ticked off Satan pretty badly, please cover me in prayers today. He will try to attack but I have a firm belief that God is going to wrap his big ole arms around me today and tell the devil to stop messing with his girl or else…)



  1. Dear God, I pray for Your protection around Krista as she focuses on getting ready for ACFW. May she spread Your word through her actions and her writing. May she first seek Your will in all she does.


  2. So true! Let’s pray for each other!!!

  3. You are in my prayers Krista! Keep pissin’ off the devil. See ya soon.

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