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The other day my eldest sister and I went to lunch at Wendy’s. Standing in line, deciding what to order, we noticed something.


MMMMMmmMMM NOT a good thing for this girl who is on a diet. Heck, being in Wendy’s all together was cheating, but that’s besides the point.

We ordered off the dollar menu, being the cheap sisters we are, and sat down and ate our meal. In the back of our minds were the yummy ice-creamy goodness we’d seen on the sign. Ohhh, and they had the TWISTED kind TOO with…. wait for it…. OREOS! Seriously, you just can’t beat that.

Half way through our meal my sister sighed. “Krista, I don’t think we’re gonna get our frostys. I mean, look at the line?”

I looked and she was right. It was backed up to the door now. Bye-Bye Frostys. *sniffle*

We finished our meal, both a little disheartened. Suddenly, I looked up.

The line. It was GONE! It was… a MIRACLE! Obviously it was meant to be that we get our frostys.

So, we threw away our trash and skipped happily to the little metal/wood curved line holder thingy. (what do they call that anyway?) I have to be honest, I was feeling a bit guilty at my future indiscretion. I mean, I’m trying to LOSE weight. Frostys are NOT on ANY diet plan I know of! (If you have one where it is, seriously e-mail it to me!)

I almost backed out. Really I did. But then… I saw it.

A little white piece of paper sitting on the wood/metal line thingy. I glanced at Kari, who hadn’t noticed it yet. The curious person I am, I tiptoed over and peaked underneath.

The back side of the piece of paper took my breath away. I turned to Kari, my mouth gaping.

“What?” She had no idea why my strange reaction to paper.

“It’s…. a COUPON! For, get this, a buy one get one FREE twisted frosty!”

Her eyes became the size of frosty lids as she grabbed the coupon from me. “It’s… Krista, It’s a sign. From God. It’s like God sent down an angel and put this little piece of paper here just for us.”

With dramatic flare, she looked up to the ceiling (we all know God is not in the ceiling… but whatever) and said, “Thanks, God.” Our crazy huge smiles showed our appreciate to him.

Then we came back down to earth and saw the lady at the cash register giving us the MOST peculiar look. “Uh, ladies, you know that coupon is only for the new Coffee-Toffee twisted frostys right?”

I looked at it. Sure enough. My heart deflated. Evidently it WAS a sign from God, that I didn’t need a frosty. I about cried. Kari rolled her eyes at me. “What, you don’t like the coffee-toffee ones?”

I gave her the don’t-you-know-me-at-all look. “NO, I don’t like coffee. DUH!”

The lady at the register shook her head. “You can get it just with the toffee and not the coffee ya know.”

I cheered, looked up to the ceiling, and winked. “Thanks God.”

So, we went to pay for our buy-one-get-one-free coffee-toffee twisted frostys, one minus the coffee. My sister, bless her heart, decided just to pay since I didn’t have change for half. (I still owe her back for that….)

While she was rummaging through her wallet, she stopped at two twenty dollar bills. She looked at me funny. “Didn’t I just give you a twenty for the stuff we bought at Lowes?” I nodded yes.

“I only had two twenty’s though… and now I still have two left.” Suddenly, a bright grin appeared on her face, and again, she looked heavenward. “It’s like… God sent down an angel to put an extra TWENTY in my wallet. Thanks God!”

At this point, I was unsure of whether the cashier was ready to get down on her knees and repent (I mean, a God that spots you an extra twenty is pretty darn cool!) or call the police and report the two loony women in their fast food restaurant.

But, no matter. I got my coffee-toffee twisted frosty minus the coffee, and… even though that WAS the week I gained two pounds, I can honestly say…

It was worth EVERY single calorie!

Thanks God!!!

****Krista’s note****

This is a humorous dramatization of something that ACTUALLY happened. However, Please note that I firmly believe God has a sense of humor. He was looking down on this day and busting up laughing at his two children being goofy. I serve a God that DOES provide for our NEEDS. And, at times, blesses us with some frostys as well.

Let’s discuss: What has God done for YOU lately? It doesn’t have to be tangable “God sent down an angel from heaven to give me….” but could be a prayer he answered, a fear he took away, or a door he opened. Let’s share and give God some kudos today, shall we?



  1. Cute story, Krista! Sometimes it's hard for me to distinguish what I "want" God to be doing and what he really is doing. I like to attribute the good things to him, but discredit anything I think is "bad." But he is involved in giving me both, to bless me and help me grow. Recently I'm giving him all the credit and glory for opening doors with my writing. But I also know he was there during those "lean" times helping shape me, so I thank him for that time too.

  2. Ooooo…last week I had that Frosty too, but WITH the coffee. YUM! There was alot of toffee in mine…sigh. 🙂

  3. Well first off, he had me read this blog to get an idea for what to blog about today as I remembered what I was super thankful for lately!!! SO as the brat that I am…you'll have to look for my post to see what it is 😉 It's not nearly as cool as a Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty though, and SUPER doesn't sound nearly as cool either. I love those commercials 🙂 I'm glad God shared one with you, can you send him over my way now!

  4. Krista, what a great story! I'm with you though — coffee isn't right to put with ice cream.

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