Random Issues I have:
  • In Microsoft Office… they still use a picture of a floppy disk for the “save” button? Hello, people. It’s called SD cards, flash drives, and external hard drives. Get with the times!
  • People who honk their horn at you while they are driving stupid and you are driving correctly.
  • Went to the dentist on Monday, and the hygienist said, “Since this is your 4th pregnancy, you probably already know this, but it’s common to develop pregnancy gingivitis.” I rolled my eyes, since I hadn’t heard of it before, nor had I experienced it. The next day, as I brushed my teeth, I noted that my gums were sore. Sure enough, I looked at them, and they were puffy and bleeding. Moral of the story: What my gums don’t know, won’t hurt them!
  • My dog likes to eat animals. She coughed up a mole in the middle of my living room the other day. She was not on my good list that day, and has not been on it since.
  • My husband didn’t put my 3 yr old down to nap until 3:00 and now, it’s 6:30… she’s just woken up… and is a big huge crank-butt. To top it off, an 8:00 bed time doesn’t look like it’s happening now. Grrr.
  • 12 wks pregnant is frustrating. My clothes are tight, but I’d look silly in Maternity clothes this early, as I’d just look like a whale instead of a pregnant woman. Blah!
  • My character’s are on strike, not feeling like they want to talk to me. I’m going to take them in a dark room and beat some sense into them, and MAKE them talk whether they like it or not.
Issues I don’t have (let’s not have this be an ALL downer post!)

  • W-2 season is almost done!!!!
  • It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!
  • Chocolate. I have zero issues with chocolate.
  • My daughter’s stuffed dog. It does not choose to eat animals, so I like it much better than my real dog.
  • Writing friends. They make me smile, laugh, and give me permission to whack my character’s when they aren’t behaving.
  • So far, even though my clothes aren’t fitting well, I’ve only gained 2 pounds or so. I’m hoping to keep my weight gain to a minimum this pregnancy!!
  • My daughter is playing the WII Mario Kart and is on “team” race. She’s talking smack to the “blue” team (she’s on the red team) and throwing things at them to trip them up. That’s my girl!
  • Did I mention that it’s Friday???
  • God. He’s awesome, forgiving, merciful, and loves me no matter my failures. Yes, I have no issues with God (although I’m sure he has a few with me!)

DISCUSSION: Any issues/non-issues you want to get off your chest today?



  1. Great lists! The save button…I never even thought about that. And does driving right and being honked at mean you're going the speed limit exactly? 'Cause you know, it's an acceptable practice to go five miles over. *grin*

    Have an awesome weekend! May your belly start to pop out soon so you can don the cute pregnancy clothes! 🙂

  2. LOL! Your dog coughed up a mole? Sheesh! That would have done me in! I have issues with BLOGGER!!!! Anyone else?

  3. Jessica, no, my driver's ed teacher taught me the "policemen won't waste their time and stop you for 5 miles over" rule so I totally take each of my 5 miles. I'm talking about like when you're sitting in traffic and you can't move because no one else is moving and someone starts honking because they are trying to wedge their way in or just being rude. Honking for no reason irritates me! (and in the interest of full-disclosure, I DO have a bit of a lead foot… so it's not always JUST 5 over…)

    Tabitha… It did me in too!

  4. Okay, when you say "coughed up a mole", does that me he actually vomited up parts of a dead animal? Or did he just lay on in the middle of the room? Ugh on either one.

    When someone is honking behind me in traffic, I always want to get out of the car and say, "Here, you go sit in my car and let me HONK at you for awhile!" Duh…stupidity abounds.

    I'm impressed you don't need maternity clothes just yet. With my fourth, I popped out so fast, it was scary!!! I remember hoping I wasn't having twins. 😉

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Sherrinda… yes, I feared that too. I think some of it is because I'd just lost a few pounds before, so a lot of my clothes were loose anyway. Now, they just fit tight… but if I wore maternity clothes I'd just look like I was fat, not pregnant, LOL.

    Oh and the Mole.

    Kids and I came out in the morning and saw something that looked nasty on the floor. I woke my husband up (he wasn't pleased about that) and made him come look. He said it was a mole. Since we'd never seen the dog bring it in, and the thing was all, um, nawed on and wet, we assume she'd swallowed the dumb thing whole, then threw it up.

    (This story is to balance out the massive hunger I invoked by WEdnesday's post… if you don't eat today, you're welcome!)

  6. Krista – you are hilarious, my friend. Hysterical. I love your sense of humor. And, oh, the dog thing…maybe our dogs should get together and eat dead animals. He likes to do that too. Never coughed one up on my living room floor though. That would be a big no-no. 🙂 Thanks for making me smile!

  7. Coughed up a mole, eh? Oh, I'm so glad that hasn't happened here. Gross, gross, gross. Yeah, my dog wouldn't be in my good books either after doing that.

    Have a great weekend, Krista, and 2 lbs is awesome, girl. Absolutely awesome at this stage!

  8. Warn me next time, KP, when there are disgusting things in your blog, okay? LOL! Help a puking preggo out, chick!

    Issues: everything I want to eat. It all makes me sick.

    Non-issues: maternity clothes. I wear them as soon as I can drag them out. Tight clothes make me sicker. 😡

  9. LOL, great list. Don't get me started on all the things Microsoft does that should have changed years ago.

    Oh, and whether prego women (I mean that in the most respectful way, mind you) know it or not, there really is something to the whole "beautiful glow" thing during pregnancy. You may not feel like it, but trust me – you probably look better than ever. It's the consolation prize God gives women for having to go through all that (not to mention the beautiful and hopefully healthy child at the end).

    Okay, I hope I didn't come off as completely sexist with that comment. Not intended that way 🙂

    Here's hoping your weekend is filled with more of the second list-type things and less of the first.

  10. Love this post, Krista! That's why I just love coming to your red-neck part of the world–I mean civilized and delightful area of cyberspace. You always have such a funny way of putting things.

    I would just love to read one of your books sometime! Maybe once I get through some of this grunt work, I can take a peek?

    And I'd freak out if my dog coughed up a mole. That's nasty.

  11. Krista – I've seen you around on other friends' blogs and decided to stop by. Boy, am I glad I did! I got some great laughs out of your lists.

    I'm about 17 weeks pregnant and can SO relate to your complaint about being in between regular clothes and maternity clothes. I had to travel out of town for work last week, and let's just say I had a major meltdown in the mall parking lot when I couldn't find any dress pants that fit me right. I feared showing up to the Sears Tower in Chicago either looking like I barely squeezed my hips into my pants, or on the flip side, wearing maternity pants that had way too much puckering in the front. Thankfully I found some regular pants a couple sizes bigger, and I used my belly band to smooth everything out. Seriously don't know what I'd do without those belly bands.

  12. Ha! This is awesome! I never thought about the save button. Funny! And I had the stupid driver honk at me yesterday. Grr!

    Hmm… no issues for me. We're having a 'warm snap' here so I'm going to try to run around in the 50 degree weather. After weeks of below 30, this feels balmy!

  13. This is great!

    I have no problem with chocolate either, and I'm celebrating the end of W-2 season too!

  14. Waiting…waiting…waiting…then that call where they need something YESTERDAY.

    Hey, having someone call is good.

    Sigh. Thanks for letting me get that out in the open!!!

    Blessings, dear one.
    Great lists!

    P.S. You could see the mole parts and all???!!!!!!


  15. The mole was still WHOLE… tail and all… just a bit, um, mangled, wet, and, well, dead.

  16. Great list.
    It also annoys me that the floppy disk on Word is backwards.

  17. Hi Krista –

    Why is it that my post looks fine in Blogger Preview and is messed up when published? Grrr…

    No issues with:

    All my great writer friends.
    1/2 price sales at the thrift store. Bargain hunting time!

    Susan 🙂

  18. My characters are on strike too. Great lists!

  19. Fridays, chocolate, and God – yeah, these are things to be very thankful for. 🙂

  20. Krista, this was a great post! Well-balanced, serious and funny. Enjoyed it.

    Congrats on your pregnancy! May you be blessed with good health and success throughout.

  21. Since I'm just having a chance to read this today… it's Monday, not Friday! 🙁 lol

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