So for the last… week… this has been our “goal” week to go home. It remains to be seen if it really WILL be, but we are certainly closer than we have ever been!

Steps we made this week can be seen in the pictures below:

Tried out her carseat for the first time! As you can see, she fills it out VERY well. I see a purchase of a “big” girl carseat in our future!

Went on a wagon ride… sitting up… on room air! She still had the nasal canula on her nose just in case, and her sats dropped some, but she did great and loved it!

On our way back, we “just happened” to pass Anna Reese in the hall! Yes, the friends “meet” for the first time! I get choked up everytime I look at this picture… for some reason them finally meeting is a huge thing for me! That… And Anna Reese is scheduled to go home this week too!!!!!! (And they came up to the floor last week, same as Annabelle too… God has a very cool/funny way of working these things out!)

Notice something missing??? Last night we took off her nasal canula to try her on room air. She satted WONDERFUL, in the mid 90’s, almost the entire time! Alas, toward the end she started to dip a little (with no help to her stupid pulsox that wouldn’t pick up worth a flip…) so after 3 hours on room air, we went back on our 25cc’s of oxygen (that is a 10th of a 4th of a liter… 250cc’s is a 4th… so she is barely getting a whiff!)

Please be praying that we get to go HOME this week, but more specifically, in God’s perfect timing. I don’t want to take her home before she is really ready, but MOMMY, DADDY, BIG SISTERS, AND GRANDMA are all SO SO SO SO ready for it!

Scott and I are spending today and tomorrow getting all the ducks in a row, making calls, dealing with insurance (I have to go hurry up and elect COBRA so we have no issues with getting prescriptions, home health supplies… before we leave) We are also moving out of our Ronald McDonald House Room (we were waiting until we felt sure that we were on our way HOME.) I have a long list, and I won’t bore you with all of it, but I just want to mark EVERYTHING off of it as quick as I can so God has no more excuses to keep her here (okay, that sounds bad and unChristian and is probably NOT the way I should think of it… but I’m being honest here… I KNOW we can’t win God’s favor or hurry His hand…but I’m eliminating all the other reasons except “Because God said so” ! )

Please pray for me too. I’m getting antsy, tired of the hospital, a little mouthy with the nurses (I’m sure I’m the evil parent now who tells them how to do their job that they really wish they could get to leave the hospital…) and just so READY to go home. Please pray that I can stay Jesus’ light while I’m here, and take the best care of Annabelle and my family that I possibly can, all the while knowing that Jesus takes MUCH better care than I ever could!



  1. Praying that this is the week, Krista!

  2. Loved the pictures. May they be some of the last ones from the hospital. I'm looking forward to some from HOME.

  3. I am so excited for you all! It is so sweet to see the two friends meet. Hoping to hear from you at home soon!!

  4. Like Keli, I'm looking forward to a photo of her in your arms, ready to be loaded into her car seat IN THE CAR! Continuing to pray.

  5. Oh no oxygen!!! I remember my sister having oxygen and how much she hated it, so I can only imagine how happy Annabelle would have been to have that out, for even just a short amount of time. 🙂 You've got those prayers!

  6. You have become a part of all of our lives, so we are all joining you in prayer and believing this is just the beginning of wonderful times for all of you! Now, get back to that book!!! Praying in Hershey, Pa. and all over the world…

  7. Loved the pics, Krista! Will be praying that all the ducks fall in a row this week!

  8. Oh Krista, those pictures are just so precious. That last one has me smiling a mile wide. And now I can see that Annabelle really looks like you!
    I'm praying that this is your week!

  9. Excited that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for sharing the pics. Still praying.

  10. Great news..we will pray for an exciting homecoming week!

    Annabelle looks as sweet as ever 🙂


  11. How very precious to meet her friend! I have loved being able to actually "see" the successes on this journey, Krista. And even to hear your heart's hurt. You and your family are always prayed for.

  12. Big prayers from our house in Findlay Ohio. It is so exciting to pictures. Our daughter has the same carseat and I waited until the dr said she had to have one to go home in to buy it. Best of luck.

  13. Prayers sent from here, Krista! She is so adorable! Love that little smile. 🙂

  14. I smiled the biggest smile at the picture of Annabelle smiling without her canula in her nose. OMG she's so, so beautiful – I love being able to see her entire face!! I felt silly, but that picture makes it look as thought she's smiling right at you…I do pray you can go home this week. it is so time! I pray too, that you can easily mark everything off your "to do' list and just wait for God's perfect timing to get that little baby girl home with her family!

    Deb M.
    Green Bay, WI

  15. Praying like crazy here! I love the picture of her with no tube in. And the car seat…. I can't wait to see the picture of her in a car seat in your CAR.

  16. Oh, how I hope this is the week! I know I can't possibly want it as much as you, Scott, the girls or the rest of the family want it but the hope is there just the same.

    I love the fact she was able to meet Anna Reese during her wagon ride. Isn't God's timing amazing. I hope that the girls can meet again at some point outside of the hospital!

    I look forward to seeing pictures soon of Annabelle at home with her family.

    We continue to pray.

  17. I was about to go to bed and was praying for Annabelle. I happened to log on and said "Lord I am tired and want to sleep! (Mae has been really sick..) " I logged on and saw,the carseat and exclaimed CARSEAT TEST! YAYY! 🙂 (and suddenly wide awake. heh)

    How exciting even if it is a small milestone, the testing of the car seat is huge. 🙂 That is so amazing and adorable that the girls met in the hallway.

    Please remember that the nurses understand that your tired, you want her well and that you want to go home. I remembered how much they wanted the triplets to go home for me because we were there for so long.

    I will be praying lots for you, Annabelle and the fam. What an exciting time. Every second, every moment, every day , month and year. Will seem so distant after she is home after awhile sometimes. Hang in there, your doing amazing.. your light is like a lighthouse.

    (and Dave,triplets and the boy! :))

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