I took my eldest two girls (Karalynn and Lacy) to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockett’s last night. It was fun, they had a blast, and it was a great show.

During Scene 7 and 8, there was an intermission, and I had to explain to Lacy why they were taking a break.

I say that to say, this last week has been my intermission! Year-end is in full gear at work, as is the Christmas holiday preperations at home, and to say the least I’m a bit busy.

That said, I have a good bit of my shopping done! Lacy is almost completely done, Karalynn is as well. I have finished my husband’s shopping except for one, maybe two things and stocking stuffers. And other than a smattering of other presents for family gatherings, I’m done.

God is reinforcing my ‘writing’ break that I am currently on. Everyonce in a while, like right now, I have this urge to sit down and work on my book, but it wouldn’t be fair to my family right now. My attention and time is being pulled in a billion different directions, I don’t need to take less away from them right now.

So, the ideas are just whirling around in my head, ideas popping up here and there, waiting for either Christmas break or January to get into paper.

I’m being patient. God knows my needs, and my hearts desire. He also knows when we need a break.

BUT,I will still try to blog most days, even if a little tid bit about what God taught me that particular day. It helps to still get *some* words out of my heart and onto paper… er… screen.

My question for today is this:

How are YOU doing on your Christmas preperations? Is your tree up? Presents bought, perhaps even wrapped already? Have you started your Christmas baking?


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  1. Hey, Krista! It’s been a while since I’ve visited – just so busy with school and all.

    Loved this post! As for me, tree is up and about all the decorating we’re going to do. Almost all of our gifts are bought. We’re doing the easy, gift card thing this year – easier to ship! I’ve done some baking, but will wait to do most of it when the girls and I get on break in two weeks.

    Wanted to let you know that I “tagged” you. If you feel like playing along, it’s pretty fun. Visit my blog to get the details! Hope you have a great day and a very merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you before then.

    P.S. Still waiting to find out what happens with Jack and Jenny! I know I still have to send you mine. I’m trying to get more done before I zip it to ya! 🙂

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