On Saturday, Karalynn and I were in the kitchen. Annabelle was napping in her bed. Lacy and Gabby were upstairs in the bonus room playing. Scott was mowing the lawn.


The smoke detector went off in Annabelle’s room.

Did Annabelle wake up? NOPE. Not even a peep. Slept through like, well, like a baby!

What DID happen was that Mommy found out just how dedicated her oldest daughter is to fire safety.

Even though it was middle of the day and there wasn’t a speck of smoke to be seen or smelled, that girl dashed out of the kitchen faster than I could blink, screamed for her sisters “Lacy, Gabby, FIRE FIRE” then flung open the front steps and all but flew out to her daddy who was mowing the lawn, yelling the whole way.

If there was a fire, she sure was NOT going to get caught in it.

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

I calmly (albeit a little faster than normal) walked to the smoke-less Annabelle’s room to take a look at the wayward alarm. As I got to her room, it stopped on it’s own. No clue what set it off. (We’ll be changing the battery just in case, but usually it just beeps once or twice at us, not for a full minute or two of insessent alarming.)

Much to Karalynn’s consternation, her sisters had not heard her screaming their names. When I told her all was clear, she marched back in the house and started lecturing them, because if there was a fire, they’d obviously be engulfed in flames by now. I told her next time she might want to open the bonus room door on her way out so so they could hear her… but I digress.

So yes, fire safety is present and accounted for in the Phillips’ household. No worries on that!

There is the pesky issue of having oxygen tanks sitting around the house, though… so her mad dash to the door if it had been real is a VERY good thing!

Discussion: Okay curious mom here. They always teach to do “pretend” fire drills with your kids. Honestly, I haven’t done so, although we have discussed in depth where to go and what to do. Do you do fire drills in your house?

(and yes, as I’m sure my sister’s would point out, my daughter takes after me. We had a fire in our house once when I was little and my parents weren’t home. Like, a burn down the kitchen, flames everywhere, type fire. I took one look at the flames and went directly out the door…. in the winter with snow on the ground… with no shoes on…. My sisters tried to put it out, the dorks, and then proceeded to find their shoes and put them on before coming outside. I, personally, still think I was the smart younger sister in the situation. *ahem* They’ll probably have comments on that part too….HA!)



  1. Wow, sounds like your daughter knows what to do! Knowing what to do if there’s a fire is pretty important. =)

  2. Go Karalynn!!! The practice drills sound like a good idea but I don't have any experience with them at home… however if you decide you DO want to do a practice drill I thought I'd mention you might want to tip off your neighbors ahead of time. Especially if they know about the oxygen tanks and such you don't want practice time to turn into having-to-explain-to-the-fire-department time if someone makes a well intentioned call on your behalf. 😀

  3. Our house is a little over 900 square feet, so I am definitely within yelling distance at all times, not to mention, I can be at any point in the house in not-too-many steps. (See me rationalizing the fact that we haven't done any fire drills at our house? LOL!)

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