Happy Thanksgiving Week everyone! Who’s ready for Turkey and Pumpkin Pie???

Blogging Schedule this week: Obviously, I’m blogging today… and Wednesday will be my interview with Uber cool author Tamara Leigh (where she will be giving away a set of ALL 5 of her most recent novels… this includes Stealing Adda, Splitting Harriet, Perfecting Kate, Faking Grace, and Leaving Carolina.) You do NOT want to miss this people! I mean, FIVE books??? Plus, Tamara is hilarious and just a fun sweet person. If you’ve never read one of her books… you’re truly missing out!

But… I will be giving everyone until end of the day SATURDAY to comment, because I know the end of the week is busy for everyone’s schedules, and I’ll be taking Friday off from blogging because I will be in line very early at some lucky retailer. Yes, Yes, I’m a 5 a.m. day after Thanksgiving shopper and PROUD OF IT!

Today, I’ve decided to switch things around a wee bit and interview YOU.

So sit back, have fun reading everyone’s goofy answers… and spill it!

  1. Pop, Soda, or Coke.
  2. What’s your craziest (or favorite if you don’t have very many crazy ones) Thanksgiving memory?
  3. Do you put up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving weekend, first part of December, Christmas Eve, or never?
  4. Pumpkin, Apple, or Chocolate pie?
  5. Tell me about a book YOU are working on (or finished) in short elevator pitch form! (non-writers… what’s the last book you read that you LOVED?)
  6. POP PLOT BRAINSTORMING QUIZ—reversed! I’d love for everyone to give ME a plot brainstorming quiz…. and next Monday I’ll pick my favorites and post a few fun story ideas myself. Go ahead…. make it as hard as you want. *grin*


  1. 1. Soda
    2. An eating contest that drove me and cousin to the hospital.
    3. First part of December
    4. Apple
    5. Grace tumbles home after a dangerous death during her Mexico mission, to find a new death breathing on her doorstep.
    6. I'll have to think about the last question…

  2. 1.Pop
    2.Helping my mom cook dinner.
    5.I'm reading Sandra Byrd's Bon Appetit. I love it and the first of the series, Let Them Eat Cake.
    6.Not sure.

  3. 1. Soda if I have to but I usually don't drink any, hate the fizzies.
    2. The year I dressed up like an Indian. (I was 8)
    3.No. I did once and loved it but that artifcial tree hit the road. I miss it so. I'll get mine up first half of December.
    4.Pumpkin, Apple and Chocolate in that order
    5. *sigh* SO many pitches so little time. Al prayer is appreciated. 😉

  4. 1. Pop

    2. Favorite: When we had to borrow tables from the church to seat our whole family for Thanksgiving for the first time altogether

    3. Thanksgiving weekend.

    4. Pumpkin

    5. An undercover agent working for the US Marshal to stop a string of stage robberies finds herself falling in love with her prime suspect.

    6. Write an elevator pitch for a book entitled "The Cheese Whiz."

  5. 1.Coke, absolutely. Pop is a verb or a personal pronoun, soda is a baking incredient. :0)
    2. Thanksgiving in Africa
    3. Maybe sometime in the "20's" of December? Late teens?
    4. Apple
    5. Hmm… I've never worked on an elevator pitch. Shall have to brainstorm…

  6. Oh, but Kristen… Coke is a brand name… not a type of drink! *grin*

    And I see only Erica has been brave enough to try to give me a plot brainstorming quiz. Y'all are going EASY on me.

    if you need examples of ones i've given people… see the past few wednesday interviews I've done (links are on the sidebar on my blog!)

  7. Hi Krista! What a week! I'm off for a little early vacation with the fam. Am sitting back during kiddos nap time checking in on a few blogs! I'll be putting up the tree over the weekend, but absolutely no shopping. I leave the bargain hunting for my hubby. And I pay full price for everything! 🙂 No seriously, I'd rather sleep in.

  8. 1. Pop
    2. Eatting an entire jar of green olives and then having them come back up all over the carpet. My mom wasn't amused.
    3. Usually Thanksgiving weekend, however none this year. Not with our terror of a son on the loose.
    4. Are you kidding? Chocolate all the way!
    5. Devote widow is trying to save her cafe from a charming entrepreneur who wants to tear it down.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. 1. Coke (You're in the south now, KP. Assimilate! LOL!)
    2. My first Thanksgiving with Wade's family was the first GOOD one I ever had. My family is so dysfunctional it's pitiful, but Wade's family is wonderful!
    3. I like it to be up the day after Thanksgiving, but sometimes it doesn't make it at all!
    4.Chocolate out of those, but pecan is my favorite Thanksgiving pie.
    5. I'm looking forward to The Bartered Bride. I won it, you know! 🙂
    6. Do something with a Pringles can, a rubber ducky, and a wrong number cell call. 1..2..3.. GO!

  10. 1. Coke

    2. When we were missionaries in Mexico, all of the American missionaries got together for Thanksgiving. We scoured the city looking for things the locals had never heard of like canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce and Cool Whip. Soooo fun. We ended up finding the canned pumpkin at an imported foods store. It was two years old but hey, no one died. All of these homesick American missionaries getting together in 100 degree weather and having all the Thanksgiving comfort foods…that is my best and craziest Thanksgiving memory.

    3. Usually we put it up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we got it last week, since my mom's due in three weeks and we don't want to risk a delivery at the tree farm. 😉

    4. Pumpkin. Pecan is best, but it's not on the list, I see.

    5. Elaine finds out that the father she never knew is her mother's favorite author.

    6. Um, something involving mocha truffles, Myrtle Beach, Salvation Army, fingernail polish, Barbara Streisand and the Tennesee Titans. That's off the wall. 😉

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Krista. Do you know your posts are always so peppy. They make me want to sprint or something.

    Since I'm a water girl, I'm stopping at #1, and since I need to get back to my word count. Will be sure to visit tomorrow, as I've never heard of this author.

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