So, we are back from the sunny state of North Carolina.

The reunion went well. WAY too much food. Lots of good ole bluegrass/country music. My kids singing “Apple red happiness” at the top of their lungs into the microphone set up. My hubby singing some songs too, he is so cute:-)

The BEST thing about my trip was that I FINALLY got my own website!


Now, I haven’t had time to really put any effort into the creation of it, so at the moment it is still just a shell of a page. But there is officially now a!

I paid a whole $7.15 for my first year with the domain name (thanks to and my brother-in-law, Travis!) My wonderful brother-in-law (aka computer genius extroidanaire) also hooked me up by hosting the site for me, I really don’t know how that works, and helping me get started and showing me how to do my updates.

Now I just have to figure out this whole computer language thing! I have informed my husband his “job” will be to learn everything there is to know about website design, ok, maybe not everything, but he studied graphic arts for almost 2 years and needs to use his great talents to use on creating my website!

So for now, my website is pretty much a purple background, a stupid picture of yours truely, and links to my blog and myspace page.

I have some cool ideas though for my website, and am excited about building it! I feel a little self-consious though. I am not a “hey, look at me and how awesome and cool I am” kind of person, but also understand that if I want to be a “real” writer, my product is more than just my books, it is myself. And as hard as it is (the whole selfless humility theme was engrained in me upon birth), I am going to give it my all.

Also, I welcome ALL suggestions for my website too!! Again, I have it duly noted that there are lots of things that need added, but I want to give it substance, make it more than just a “hey, look at me” website, something that is actually worth visiting.

Suggestions anyone??