I think I blogged once about the fortune cookie I received a few months ago at a time that I was really needing encouragement in my writing. It said, “You are a lover of words, you should write a book someday!”

What a jolt of energy that gave me!

I know have plenty of energy and drive to write, but lack an important key. Time. And opportunity. I’ve read lately from multiple places (waving hi at Terry Whalin) about the need for a niche and to get your name out there in order to be published.

It is hard not to be old school and expect your work to sell itself. “My story is so awesome someone is going to take one look at it and die to publish it!”

Yeah, uh, can we say dream on???

It’s like at your job, you assume you’ll be offered and paid what you’re worth. But, we all know that companies are out to save money and, wages being one of their greatest expenses, they aren’t going to give away the farm if they don’t have to (and who can blame them?!?). They pay you the least they think they can get away with paying you without you leaving, up to the max that you are worth. Sometimes this is the same $$. Sometimes it isn’t. But to get what you’re worth, you have to ask for it.

You won’t sell your books with them sitting nicely on your hard drive. They may be gorgeous words when you double-click on that file. You may sigh when you read your own elequently written prose.

If you want to get published, you have to put yourself out there.

And just like when you’re asking for a raise, be prepared to be rejected.

OH oh oh, but there’s a “but”!

God does work miracles and in the end, if you are to be published, God knows exactly how it’s gonna be done.

SO! If you fall into the above catagory, I’ve come up with this awesome fail-proof formula to getting published. Yes, I know, you are shocked right now. Close your mouth, get up off the floor, and be prepared to learn the secret.

1.) Pray to God.
3.) Listen to God.
3.) Do (or write) what God says.

I don’t need to tell you that the most important part of this equation is God.

This also goes back to yesterday’s words of wisdom. It isn’t enough just to pray about it, and listen to God. We have to DO what he tells us to do. We need to be DOERS of God’s word.

What is God telling you to do?

Is he telling you to learn more about the craft? Is he telling you it’s time to send that manuscript in? Is he telling you to put your WIP aside and work on other things like articles etc to build your platform? Is he telling you to take a hiatus from writing and focus on him? Is he pointing out a sin in your life that is preventing you from reaching your full potential in Christ?

Pray, ask, listen, then DO!

Ugh! I better go! I have some DOING to do!



  1. AWESOME plan, Krista.

    You’re right, though, the common thing in the equation is GOD. Seek first HIS will, right?

    Thanks for the inspirational words today. God bless!

  2. Fabulous! Excellent advice and encouragement, thanks Krista!

    It’s hard to remember to put God and His glory first sometimes, and it’s hard when you get rejected to remember that there are hundreds of other writers out there who are also following God’s will, and His will may be for them to get published sooner than you…

    Nevertheless, He’s working in your life in a specific way, and you’ll grow through the process, no matter what the end result is!

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