It’s officially February, which is known as the month of love. Hearts are everywhere, candy is rampant, and florists are rubbing their hands together hoping men still want to show their sweethearts their love despite the economy.

I love February. Why?

1.) I love chocolate.
2.) I love flowers.
3.) I love the color pink.
4.) It directly follows January which is a tough month for me.
5.) Most importantly, I LOVE love!

I am a romantic at heart, which is why I write romance novels. A good book, in my opinion, makes me laugh but also moves me to tears, but not SAD tears. I’m talking the “oh my goodness, she loves you, Jack! Kiss her already!” and then they do and you sob, kind of tears.

With this in mind, I’m going to focus many of my posts this months on romance. Ok, don’t gag and click the back button yet. I won’t get mushy, ok, not THAT mushy on you, with many of the posts focused on writing (and coincidental reading) the Christian romance.

To kick off the month of love, I wanted to start off with a Music Monday. And what kind of song did I pick? You guessed it! A love song!

There are so many good songs out there, but when I was searching on youtube, I found this one. The song seriously moved me to tears, but more than that was the interaction between Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Just the way they looked into each other’s eyes and sang it made me want to grab a tissue. It’s a simple song, one I haven’t heard a lot of, but I thought a fitting start to the month.



  1. Hey Krista! Great song, very touching!

    I, for one, fully support you in your quest for love stories! I’m an avid romancer myself, and so I will not begrudge you a month of sappiness! 🙂
    Happy February!

  2. Yeah! A supporter! Thank you!

    And love that, my month of sappiness! It will SO be that too, LOL!

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