my husband!

I know, I know, EVERYONE and their brother (OK maybe sister) will be posting a blog about Valentine’s Day today. Something mushy and gushy and all sentimental, kinda like I’m doing all month:-)

Far be it from me to break away from the crowd!!

First, I just want to reiterate that I’m madly in love with my husband. He makes me smile and still gives me fun butterfly’s in my stomach. He isn’t perfect, but I love him for who he is. We’re a work in progress, Scott and I, but wow, I look forward to the years to come of perfecting our marriage and falling even more in love with each other.

So, without further adu, the reasons I love my husband (keeping within good CBA guidelines of course!):

– He puts up with my love affair with chocolate.
– He follows the ‘rules’ and buys me flowers every Valentine’s Day.
– He loves Jesus much more than he loves me, and I never ever have to doubt that.
– He is a great Daddy to our children.
– He puts up with watching chick-flick movies with me (some men refuse… how rude!)
– He has this wonderful shoulder that’s just PERFECT for crying on.
– He knows that I’m a snuggler through and through and showers me with hugs as a result!
– He’s a fabulous kisser (hey, you can kiss in the CBA!)
– He reads my books and listens (or at least pretends!) to my ramblings about my characters.
– Even though our ‘roles’ are a little reversed at the moment, he still does all the ‘man’ stuff like taking out the trash and mowing the lawn.
– He gives a mean back massage.
– He doesn’t get mad at me when he comes home and I’ve spent all evening engrossed in writing and haven’t cleaned up a thing.
– He has a ridiculous amount of patience.
– He makes me slow down and enjoy life more.
– He LOVES to hold my hand.
– He suffers through a day of shopping to be with me, even though I know he’d much rather plant his feet in the video game store and play demo games all day.
– He writes me songs occasionally, which is uber romantic!
– He has a love for other’s that is just awesome. I can’t remember the last time he’s been mad at someone, except occasionally at me. (I know! Me??? Make someone mad??? Perish the thought!)
– When he looks at me, I can just SEE the love in his eyes. It makes me melt!

There are so many more things, but I’ll cut the list there. I am so VERY blessed with the husband of my dreams and pray everyday for the man God has given me.

How about you? What makes YOUR honey so special? Anyway have any plans for Valentine’s Day??




  1. I miss Scott. Not that he ever romanced me, but he always was a dear friend. I was there when he busted his front teeth on the blacktop in elementary school, so we go way back! I’m glad he’s a dear friend to you Krista.

  2. LOL, well, I’m certainly glad he never romanced YOU, we’d have a whole set of new marital problems if that was the case!

    Yes, his teeth still needs fixed! One of these days:-)

    You’ll have to get back in touch one of these times when we go back to visit (we’re there a few times a year,his parents still live in Siler City)

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