It’s book review day!

I’ve never been in a fan club, nor have I created one. But Tamara Leigh makes me borderline. (She is probably afraid right now because I’m sounding ALMOST stalkerish…)

Last December I had the PRIVILEGE of reading my first Tamara Leigh book, Faking Grace. I laughed until I cried, then I snorted a few times, then laughed again.

I seriously thought about having a T-shirt made that said, “I LOVE FAKING GRACE” but, uh, well, for obvious reasons I thought that might hinder my Christian witness just a tad.

Okay, okay, let me back up a bit.

Here is the “official” Amazon description of Faking Grace:

Maizy Grace Stewart dreams of a career as an investigative journalist, but her last job ended in disaster when her compassion cost her employer a juicy headline. A part-time gig at a Nashville newspaper might be her big break.

A second job at Steeple Side Christian Resources could help pay the bills, but Steeple Side only hires committed Christians. Maizy is sure she can fake it with her Five-Step Program to Authentic Christian Faith–a plan of action that includes changing her first name to Grace, buying Jesus-themed accessories, and learning “Christian Speak.” If only Jack Prentiss, Steeple Side’s managing editor and two-day-stubbled, blue-jean-wearing British hottie wasn’t determined to prove her a fraud.

When Maizy’s boss at the newspaper decides that she should investigate–and expose–any skeletons in Steeple Side’s closet, she must decide whether to deliver the dirt and secure her career or lean on her newfound faith, change the direction of her life, and pray that her Steeple Side colleagues–and Jack–will show her grace.


Krista here again. Is that not just the funniest recipe for a romance you’ve ever heard of in your life?

I told Tammy not long ago that I want to write like her when I grow up. We were at our local writer’s group at the time, and I’m PRETTY sure she scooted her chair away from me an inch.

Below is my “official” Amazon review, although I think you can already get by now that I LOVED IT!

“LOVED this book! I, as a rule, don’t read a whole bunch of chick lit. I am more of a 3rd person romantic comedy kinda girl. But wow, Faking Grace hooked me on Tamara Leigh’s books for life! It was funny (I seriously laughed till I cried), inspirational (Yours in Christ…*grin*), and most important to my uber sappy heart, had a good dose of clean romance.

A MUST read. These days we all need a healthy dose of humor and entertainment, and wow does this one deliver!”

Tamara also has a NEW book coming out in September, Leaving Carolina, in which I am pretty sure I will be the first person in line at the bookstore to purchase it:-)



  1. Can I sign you up to review my first book?! You're great at it! If you review mine, I'll review yours! 🙂

  2. Wow, girl, you've sold me! I need to read her backlist. 🙂

  3. No kidding…I'd like to read the book now. Excellent review. 🙂

  4. I love how you make me laugh out loud as I read!!! Love that!

    What a great catchy title!
    ~ Wendy

  5. I MUST get this book! Thanks for the great review and post!

  6. Oooh, I need to check that one out!

  7. Jody: I will most certainly review your first book, and any subsequent ones!!! I LOVE to rave about good authors:-) And I will SO take you up on your offer to review mine when the time comes! *grin*

    Sherrinda: Her back list is equally amazing. Splitting Harriet caused me to split a gut, and Perfecting Kate was just plain awesome. Haven't read Stealing Adda but I've heard it is hilarious… need to order it off Amazon VERY soon!

    Katie: You should! It will be well worth it, I promise!

    Wendy: I figured a very funny book deserved as funny of a review blog as possible:-)

    Kelly: YES! You must! You won't regret it, I promise!

    Jennifer: ohhhh, yes you do:-)

  8. Is this the one where the heroine slaps a crooked fish on her car? Hilarious!!!! Read it on the plane last year during conference 🙂

  9. Saw you on my following box, so reciprocated. We've crossed paths so many times on Jody's site, it's about time we introduced ourselves. Please to meet you! 🙂

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