I know y’all think that your mom is the best….

But I’m sorry to inform you that my mom already holds that title!!!

My momma is the one who taught me to dream. She has always had big grand dreams (sometimes a little crazy… but a crazy dream here and there never… usually… hurt anyone!) She instilled in me the drive to work hard and that with God by my side, there was no limit to what I could do.

She took time out of her busy work schedule to be with me during each of Annabelle’s procedures/surgeries. She was the first one I called when something went wrong, and she was there in the blink of an eye that night when we almost lost our Annabelle. She’s cried with me and cheered with me and has been my firm rock that reminded me that even when she couldn’t be, GOD was always with me.

My sweet momma takes the time each weekday morning to write an email to us kids. She calls it “musings from Mom.” It is her way of speaking into her children’s lives, even though we are grown, and sharing what God is teaching her.

I just… yeah. I love my mom. More than I could ever, ever, ever express.

Discuss: So… since most of think that our moms are the “best”… share why YOUR momma is the best!



  1. My mom was always such a good and devoted mom, but I think the reason she is the best is because she is the BEST MAWMAW to my girls EVER! She has loved each of my girls more than life itself since the day they were born. She has babysat when they were healthy, sick, stubborn, mad, hurt, etc….., loved them through grade school, middle 🙁 school, high school, college, moving to another state… She still makes mashed potatoes for the youngest one, just in case she stops by… She would give her life in a heartbeat for either one of my girls… "Mother – a selfless woman"…

  2. I agree with everything my mom said above – my Mawmaw is awesome! I am so blessed to have several great women in my life. My mom means the world to me for many reasons including all the time she spent with me at the doctor's office growing up (including many trips to Birmingham to see a specialist that she found!), for always encouraging me to pursue my dreams, and for being my best friend! God definitely placed me in the right family with the best mom for me!

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