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Tyrone Ferrara


Am I the only one that salivates when I enter the bookstore?

Seriously, I open the door, walk in, and the drool just starts drippin. I walk immediately to the Christian Fiction section (or just to the regular ole fiction section when I’m going to LifeWay.)

I’m finding picking out a book VERY difficult lately. I want to read them ALL. It’s so much fun interacting with other authors, and I want to buy all their books and read them!

But, alas, my wallet screams in protest, as does my budget that I’m trying to live by.

I found the GREATEST section (for me anyway) at my local Books-a-Million the other day. It was marked CLEARANCE. A bargain-hunter by nature, I ventured over, sure that I wouldn’t find any of the books I’d like. I was surprised though to see several authors name’s I knew. All of the books were ones that had been out a few years, probably big sellers for a while so they stocked many, but then after the first year or so was over, they were left with a surplus. Part of me felt guilty buying them. Do authors still receive royalties off of Clearance books?!? If anyone knows the answer to that I’d love to hear it!


How do YOU go about choosing what books to buy? Am I the only one who has a love affair with the local bookstore?



  1. No Krista, you aren’t alone in your love affair with bookstores! I just love going into them and browsing through all of the new authors, looking at the pictures on the covers and back cover blurbs. You can totally tell I’m a writer with that! I’ve been disappointed lately with a few of the books I’ve boughten. I don’t read much while I’m writing my WIP, I just don’t have the time. So when I do actually make time to read, I want the book to sweep me away. And so I suppose that’s why I’ve been bummed! They looked good on the outside and had good reviews, but then the author didn’t satisfy me like I wanted! Makes me want to try all that much harder with my own story!

  2. I salivate just thinking of one, the sweet scent, the straight aisles of beautiful spines waiting for my roving eyes… ahhh the bliss….

  3. Oh gosh. Before I had kids I spent hours in the bookstore. Cozying up in the chairs, perusing the shelves, just smelling the smell. LOL!

  4. I too love bookstores. I love everything about them, including those cute pens I never use, the tiny mints, and especially the sheer number of photography magazines. But, new books make me sneeze. I inhale anyway.
    How are you at the library? Ours is wonderful. I get the same feelings there without the empty pocketbook. Lately I’ve been going down rows and randomly picking books based solely on their covers. Lots of fun. Now, that’s a sickness.
    PS Great site!

  5. Oh I’m lovin’ the library too! I don’t get there as often as I should (their hours don’t always play nice with my hectic schedule) but it’s a great CHEAP way to get my book fix!!!!

    Everytime I go I think, why haven’t I come back here sooner??? Which means there’s probably a trip there in my near future:-)

    THANKS for stopping by!!! Glad you enjoyed the site:-) Feel free to come back and visit anytime.

  6. I would just like to comment and say, “I love Krista Jean Phillips!!”

  7. Oh, and one comment about bookstores.. I’m absolutely disgusted by the crude little pocket sized books that are within a child’s reach close by the front registers!! I know bookstores carry a wide variety of books, but some of the stuff I flipped open should NOT be so easily within a kids reach where they could so easily open it up and be like, “hey mom, what’s this??”

  8. I love you too honey!!!

    And yes, it is highly irritating at the secular stores that they have such filth.

    FOr those who don’t know what he’s talking about, we were in books a million and right next to where they had webkinz and other’s children’s toys up front, were these stupid horrible little books, right at a child’s eye level! Most were perverted books about sex acts, but also about witchcraft and other demonic crud. It truely made me sick!

    I MUCH prefer the lifeway bookstore for that matter, but when we do go to bam, the only bookstore in my town, we steer the kiddos clear of that area.

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