I wasn’t planning on blogging tonight.

In fact, I’ve declared a “stress free” zone in Krista’s life for the next four days where I’m not allowing myself to fret or stress over ANYTHING not getting done. If I can do it, then wonderful. If I don’t feel like it, then heck with it.

Come Monday, I’ll let myself slip back into “goal setting” “get it done” Krista. Until then, things can just wait.

So I was shutting down my computer and getting ready to go to bed BEFORE TEN O’CLOCK, when I realized I hadn’t blogged since Friday, and it just wasn’t in me to let it be a whole week since I blogged last, so I thought I’d write a quick note.

First, thank you for those who expressed your condolences. I appreciate it more than you know! My grandma was a sweet, wonderful lady and we miss her greatly, but the reality is, she’s in a MUCH better place, dancing with the angels as my grandpa told everyone at the viewing Tuesday night. We’re sad for us, but overjoyed that she’s received her reward after a long and well-run race.

God has taught me quite a few things over the past week. I’m still mulling them over in my head, but am very excited to mold them into coherent words and share them with you. Mostly it is just the extension of our discussion on hats, as God has really given me some clear, real object lessons to share with you.

So, I won’t promise that I will get the first lesson posted in the next four days. *grin* But then again… I might… We’ll see!

(I might turn into a flexible, whatever goes Krista after all! Uh… well maybe not all that…)



  1. Enjoy your time, it’s valuable!

  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about you!

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