I finished my rewrite of chapter one! I am so excited! It is nice and safe in the hands of my critique group so I can see if it is better, worse or just so so. I’m praying it is better, but have tough skin. If it’s worse I’ll survive. I FEEL much better about this version though. It goes deeper and I think gives more depth to my character.


I’ve revived some of my humor. In my original, original version, I had a very funny scene at the beginning I LOVED. But it didn’t fit the story and had to be deleted. I’d also had some very funny back story and “telling” but alas, it also had to be deleted.

And I think there in entered my problem. I’d skimmed off the things in the chapter that made me excited, that made it funny and sound like ME. I was left with this, technically well written shell that didn’t go deep and didn’t represent ME as an author.

This new version… I think is going to work. I think. I hope. But I might wake up tomorrow and hate it. Who knows!

I made my husband read some of it and asked his opinion.

Krista: “Is it better?”

Scott: “Well, it’s funnier.”

Krista: “But… do you like it better?”

Scott: “Yeah, I like it. It’s funny.”

Not sure if that is a good or a bad sign, but I’m choosing it to view it as good.

Discussion: I am contemplating posting the first chapter of the book, after it’s been thoroughly critiqued and edited AGAIN, on my blog as a link on the side, but have heard positives and negatives about doing so. Your thoughts? Do you think this is a good thing to draw attention to your writing, or do you think this is scary, “OH MY GOSH SOMEONE IS GOING TO STEAL MY IDEA!” or just a plain bad idea?



  1. Krista, that's so awesome you got it rewritten so quickly!! You must be making good use of your time! Hopefully you were able to weave that humor into your scene so the reader can experience it, rather than into the back story. And what do our husbands know anyway!? 🙂

    I can understand your hesitancy about posting a link to the first chapter in your side bar. I'm not sure what to tell you about that one! I'll be curious to hear what everyone else thinks!

  2. I've considered that as well, just to see if it would excite anyone. Instead I settled for a little synopsis. I suppose I'm kinda a wimp when it comes to that. Plus I'm newly afraid that my first chapter isn't measuring up to mine or anyone else's expectations 🙁

  3. Krista:
    Congratulations, what a great accomplishment! Happy Dancing with you!
    I personally think husbands are too close to home to critique our work, but that is my little peabrain opinion. LOL!
    I say post it, if it's just one chapter it won't hurt. I doubt anyone will steal it. I think the rule of thumb is no more than 10% of your ms. online.
    Blessings, Jen

  4. Congrats on Ch. 1! Don't see anything wrong with posting just a bit of your work, but not too much, and I haven't heard of any stealing from blogs. The crits could be invaluable. (Let me know if you do post, and I'll come add my .02.) 🙂

  5. Congrats. Keep at it. I don't know about putting things on your page either. I created a separate blog to post things to share. I can control who get in there and who doesn't.

  6. Jody: Yes, I am! I was so excited to get it done. I know it probably still needs some minor tweeking, but I think as a whole it is tremendously better. My hubby read the FINISHED version last night and was much more enthusiastic, which thrilled me!

    Marybeth: Your point is so good, and i think that's my biggest worry! If I post my first chapter, I want it to be the BEST I can be so it excites people and makes them WANT to read more, not be like, "oh yeah, that writer needs some help…"

    Jeanette: Thanks! I may post it, I'm seriously thinking about it!

    Angie: I'd love peoples opinions! But… I don't want to post an "unfinished" project publically either, you know? Hmmmm, still thinking on this.

    Lotusgirl: I don't think I'm so worried about someone stealing it. Since it's mine it's "technically" copywrited and if someone thinks its THAT good to want to STEAL it, well, then I'm pretty darn excited, LOL

  7. I'd recommend against posting more than a few hundred words. Yeah, there's the possibility (however vague) that someone might snitch it, but more to the point, it's better to keep it *unpublished* until someone pays for the privilege of publishing it. Some houses are not into *used goods*. Personally, I'd err on the side of caution.

  8. Congrats on finishing! And I think it's good when someone says it's funny (in a good way). That means it's working.

    As far as posting your chapter, I would advise against it. I just went through this, with posting my entire novel up on its own blog. And then I sent it out to 30 people to beta read to. Bad idea. I got great feedback, but I went on a rollercoaster ride I'd rather not go on again. My point is that too much feedback, and feedback from a wide audience, is probably never the best idea.

    Also, I've found that when I post something that I am in love with, the love dies quickly after it goes public… I feel like it's more permanent and harder to change after so many eyes have seen it. If you really want feedback, I would send your chapter to some trusted readers only. My own advice would be to not post that first chapter until you are thoroughly satisfied with the entire book. Just my two cents. Take it or leave it. *hugs*

    I wouldn't worry about people stealing your work, though, if that's your main concern.

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