Judge Mommy is residing.

Okay, not quite so formal.

But with the winds of change blowing yet again in our household, I have a deep craving even more than normal for ORDER in my household.

I managed a payroll department for a national corporation since 2007. I should be able to manage my household now… right??

Not that I haven’t been these past few months. I just feel that I have been running on literally a whim and a prayer, on a day-to-day basis. MUCH of this was because of Annabelle’s in-and-out of the hospital status, as well as ME having just come off a year of operating on a 24-hour window basis in order to keep my sanity.

But my family NEEDS more order and at least a vague semblance of stability.

*I* need it if I’m going to retain my sanity.

So here are a few things that I, personally, am going to implement this week to try and help.

Throw away the schedule. I’ve been trying to stick to a schedule during the day, and to be honest, it just doesn’t work for me. I fail daily, then I feel like a failure daily, then I have an incredible urge to drown myself in chocolate…daily, which is NOT good for my diet. Inevitably, something occurs that gets me off schedule even when I try my best to tame the beast that is my day. So, instead of having an hour-by-hour daily schedule, I am going to do bigger chunks.

Mornings will be for picking up/cleaning/projects.
Afternoons will be for contract work/writing/blogging.

Obviously, Annabelle will still have HER schedule we will abide by. And clinic days will mess up the above, but this is going to be my goal. MUCH more doable that “8 to 9, clean this…”

Tame the Blog. Blogging really doesn’t take a lot of time for me, and it’s fun. HOWEVER, I need to get back into a routine for it as well, so I’m going back to my goal of Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging. Obviously, this will change if something happens with Annabelle and we need prayer more urgently. The content will remain much the same: My thoughts on life as a regular momma, as a heart momma, as a wife, and as a follower of Jesus, as well as Annabelle updates! My prayer for my blog (and my books for that matter) is the same as well: that through my writing, you’ll see Jesus and be encouraged.

Prioritizing vs Procrastinating. I’m a huge believer in prioritizing. But I am woman enough to admit that many times, the word “prioritizing” easily becomes a smoke-screen for “procrastinating.” I can’t tell you how many times the words, “But that isn’t due for another two weeks!” has come out of my mouth, even to my kids regarding homework. I know, I know, a HORRIBLE example to them. But at least I admit my faults, right? 

So I am going to make a concerted effort to STOP PROCRASTINATING and just get things done instead of waiting until it is “due.”

I’ll admit, out of the three, this will be the hardest for me. I might even, uh, prioritize, the other two!

Discussion: Anything you’ve implemented at your house lately to help keep the peace/order/sanity?? I’ll take any tips/suggestions as well!

**Annabelle Update**

She’s doing great! Ate REALLY good for me on Sunday, which made me SO incredibly happy. Hopefully no clinic visit this week… although she does have her first eye doctor appointment today! I’m praying they are just fine, but “lazy” eye runs in our family, and sometimes when she focuses, I can see one eye isn’t as straight as the other. Praying this isn’t what I think it is!! Since I have it, the doctor said my kiddos have a 50% chance of having it as well.



  1. My little guy has one eye that isn't as strong as his other – which is why he's had glasses since he was nine months. Which is also why I'm a sucker for little kids in glasses. But still….I know they can be a pain!

  2. TIMER!!!! You have to get a timer, the kind that will clip to her waist and beep loud enough to get your attention. I work from home, home school, work around my husband's 5 rotating shifts, take care of the puppy and all the house hold stuff plus my volunteer work on line (true only 1 kid here) but the timer is priceless! Set it for 15 minutes to blog, then stop what you're doing and do another 15 minute task (or however long you need to set it). Seriously on a bad day the house can be cleaned in 45 minutes just by using the timer and moving FAST! Do the same with the kids – have 15 minutes of blessing the house, 15 minutes to make all the beds, wash all the dishes, sweep, mop,dust, whatever needs done – make it a game & reward them with special mommy/daughter time after. I used this when my dd had special needs she was dealing with and when I taught a room full of toddlers – It's a life safer! Also you only need 1 schedule – BEFORE BED! dinner,tidy up, baths, lay out everything for the next day – this goes with school, writing, feedings, meds, everything! I have a lot of ideas if you ever just wanna chat you can find me on face book at Lis M Earnest or you can find these and many more tips at flylady.net – I got annoyed by the updates and pushing of products but you'll get the general idea there. I truly hope this helps! Everyone deserves order & Honey, you've earned it 10x over!

  3. So we recently put our house on the market so we had to do some serious de-cluttering. We got rid of a lot of stuff and put a lot of stuff in storage that we could live with out. Our house is pretty much down to the bare minimum. And I. LOVE. IT! I have told the kids that most of the stuff in storage is not coming back in when we move! The kids are happy playing with a ton less toys! I am so much less stressed having so much clutter gone! It is so much easier for the kids to clean up and help! Oh, I can not emphasize enough how much I love it! I also have four young kids so I totally get it. I never would have realized just how much more controll I feel I have just by having so much less in the house. The funny thing is, I barely remember what is in storage. Granted I won't get rid of things like photo albums and we will soon need things like winter jackets but most of the stuff is already forgotten and not missed at all! So, take some time and go room by room and just get rid of "stuff"! If you're not sure you can live without it, put it in plastic bins in the basement for a while and see if you miss it. Sorry for the long comment but I really think it will be as huge of a difference for you as it is for me!

  4. Sounds like you've come up with a workable plan, Krista, one that allows you the flexibility you need. I wish you well as you endeavor to implement it.

    I'm glad Annabelle is doing so well and hope the eye doctor appointment results in good news.

  5. Katie.. 9 months, WOW! Gabby got hers when she was 2, and I thought THAT was rough! We don't have to do the glasses thing… yet. Go back for another check up in 6 months!

  6. Lis… the timer idea is fabulous! I've used it off an on for different things, especially with my kiddos and their chores!

  7. 4 monkey's momma… I LOVE TO DECLUTTER! I recently cleaned my office and threw away bills/paystubs dating back 10 years. Statue of limitations was calling my name! We got rid of a BUNCH of the kids toys early this summer too, as their room was getting horrendous. Still I could probably get rid of more!

  8. Keli, YES! That is what I'm looking for, a system that is flexible yet still helps me to get things DONE!

  9. Good for you, Krista. Just don't be too hard on yourself.

    It was a life saver to me to teach my kids how to clean and do laundry at an early age. Then PAY them for the work they do, even if it's only a few dollars a week. Amazing how things get done.

  10. I hear ya when it comes to needing a plan! Now I just need to add a few more hours to my day, LOL!

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