But God is strong!

Seriously, my diet has been almost flushed. I bring a whole new meaning to “Spirit is willing, but body is weak.”

I was doing REALLY good too. As of Sunday I was down a pound, and feeling really good about losing one more before today. But then… I promised my girls I’d make Brownies.

And I followed through.

Have I told you all how much I LOVE brownies?

And then this week, I’ve eaten crazy. Gone out to eat so many times for lunch your jaw would drop if I confessed details. I did do the stairs at least once EVERY day this week, but not enough to combat the food intake.

My problems?

-Lack of time- It takes effort to lose weight. And time. You have to plan your meals, be intentional when you eat. My eating periods are anything but. They are my sister calling me up and asking to go for Pizza on Tuesday. They are me eying the lunch I had on Wednesday and saying the heck with it and running to Sonic. And they are yesterday, going to O’Charley’s for a co-worker’s birthday lunch and having the most YUMMY FRIED chicken tenders you’ve ever tasted.

-Lack of healthy choices- I have a confession. I HATE VEGETABLES. And I can’t make myself choke them down. I’ll eat green beans (the kind out of the can cooked with butter… meaning they have NO healthy value left in them…), and sometimes I choke down a pea or two, but really, it’s bad. I don’t even like salads. I blame this partially on my mother, because she has a severe aversion to ANYTHING green that she’s passed down to me. What do you do if putting a vegetable in your mouth makes you gag like a five year old? SERIOUSLY? I’d love to have a remedy for this. Maybe hypnosis…

-Lack of energy- Probably because of my point above, but I come home dead tired and the LAST thing I want to do is exercise, while the FIRST thing I want to do is snuggle up with my babies, then get a little writing time in. YES, I could take my babies on walks… but that’s difficult with three of them, especially this next week since it’s forecast to rain EVERY day.

This sounds like a bunch of lame excuses, I know.

But I think the first step in overcoming said excuses is admitting they exist, then taking solid steps to overcome.

Any suggestions? Anyone? I’m floundering here people! (If you must know… I have not stepped on the scale, but I’m probably up a pound.)



  1. It's funny because I've noticed other writers in cyberspace are trying to lose weight too, before ACFW. So apparently it's a struggle across the board. Perhaps because many of us try to squeeze writing into our free time, we have less time for healthy cooking and exercising. And we sit so much as we work (and eat to stay awake!).

    So, about the walking. It won't work for everyone with young children, but I've been putting my three year old in the wagon and pulling her (muscle build-up!). One of my daughters walks and one roller blades. And they've been keeping me accountable. On nights I'm tired, they'll remind me we have to go for our walk. And so that's an added bonus. I also have a walk DVD that we do when it rains and everyone loves it.

    I'm not sure how long we'll keep it up, but for this summer it's been really fun to do together! I'm sure you'll find something, Krista!

  2. That's a bummer,girl. I hate feeling like that. Hmm….I'm awful at diets. Pretty much because I can't do them. Whenever I say I'm going to go on a diet, I end up eating more than I usually do. So don't listen to any advice I might give you!!!

    Pray about it. That always helps me.

  3. Jody, yes, preACFW is a huge time for dieters. and it IS a lot because we sit for long periods of time while we write, and you KNOW when I'm on a good part I have a little munchie sitting next to me to keep me going! I DO need to walk more, but everytime I decide to… it rains. It's been raining like CRAZY here this summer!

    Katie… I'm like that too. I try to diet and fail. But I HAVE been successful before and lost 10-15 pounds at a time. In fact in the spring I lost 15, but I've gained back 5. It's still a net 10 pound loss though.


    I stepped on the scale this morning, and I hadn't really gained, more just stayed even. Better than gaining I guess!!!

  4. All I can tell you is I think as very busy people we must see each day as a new day. Yesterday I ate pizza and dippin dots at a water park, so I'm going to TRY to make better choices today.

    So, good luck today! I'm cheering for you!!!

  5. Oh my, I have so been there/am there (depending on the day.) One thing is sure–if you're eating veggies out of a can, you'll never learn to love the taste!!! Eat fresh, or at least frozen. We get the Schwans green beans that take 6 mins to heat in the microwave and they are FANTASTIC. You can do the same with other veggies and acquire the taste 🙂

    I joined the gym and found a workout buddy. That's THE best way to keep going, because you know someone else is there counting on you as much as you are on them. We try several different group classes and all the cardio equipment. It's fun! And I've found new things I enjoy, like yoga. (Yes, I know it's controversial in Christian arenas, but I'm still trying to get my foot behind my head.)

  6. Hi, Krista!

    The biggest thing is DO NOT GIVE UP!!! It's really easy to feel bad about the past week and then keep repeating the same patterns out of guilt, a "what's the use" feeling, etc. Don't let that get you down!

    You are beautiful and you can do this!

  7. Hi Krista, I keep seeing you at the blogs I follow and had to check yours out.

    Weight, exercise…I know. Two months ago I shook my fist in the air and declared it "was time to do yoga." I stayed on track for five weeks, but the last two I've barely exercised. Why? Why?! I'm so sick of starting and stopping.

    I'm getting back in. Although I gained weight doing yoga, I firmed up, and I like the way I look when I stay with it.

    Let me know how you're doing. This is hard!

  8. I am so with you here. My husband and I have been trying, but our little brains and bellies just want that yummy food!

    5 weeks of working out and neither of us has shed even 5lbs!

  9. Did you catch the Seekerville blog yesterday? They were talking about a treadmill desk – where you build a shelf thingie for your laptop over the arms of the treadmill and catch up on your email/blogs while walking. Multi-tasking. I don't have a desk but do my Bible reading, prayer time and brainstorming about plot problems, etc. while on the treadmill.

    The other thing I've tried as a sit-too-much writer, is sitting on one of those stability exercise balls while at my desk. It burns a few calories and tightens up the core. And I get to keep writing.

    For me, I'm trying to make one healthy choice a day and not worry so much about the rest. I hope that one choice becomes a habit that grows into two, three.

  10. Yup, we're all in the same fight.

    Wish it wasn't beating me up so badly right now.

  11. Portion control. That's my key. I don't skip what I want, because that brings out the crazy overeating. But, if I limit it to the right amount, I do okay–no guilt, no added weight. And as for veggies, my husband takes his in pill form. Berry Green: 20 organic berries and greens in a capsule.

    As for the brownies, I have a friend who dumps salt on part of the one she takes so she won't be tempted to eat the whole thing.

  12. Get on the treadmill or go for a walk if you can't change your diet. It's all about the numbers:)

  13. Oh girl, I'm just like you with the vegetables. Seriously. If there's ranch I can get down a few bites of carrot or celery. Green beans I can eat. That's it.

    My mom is doing a calorie counting thing where she's lost tons of weight. You'd have to be intentional, true, but I don't think you'd have to lose out on the treats.

    Good luck! No matter what, you'll look beautiful at ACFW!

  14. Krista, I'm with you on the whole willpower thing. It's like you need to take time to focus, really focus and pull God's strength in.

    Build up the celery, carrot stick stock and fresh veges and FOCUS!! We can do this. We really can! I know, because I lost 40 lbs a few years back in less than six months. Now I only need to lose five to get back down there, so I know it can be done.

  15. Hi Krista –

    Belonging to a gym helps me exercise at least three times a week. If I don't, my back hurts.

    Also, why don't you pick one area where you're having trouble and work on it. Eat that elephant one bite at a time.

    Hope this helps.

    Susan 🙂

  16. I have been eating way too much lately, too. I have no suggestions for you, but I wish you luck! Just stay off the scale for a while. Then you'll never know if you gained a pound or not! 🙂

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