I am going to my first ever….

Writer’s Retreat! I am so excited! This weekend I’ll be attending the Nashville Writer’s Retreat by the ACW. I am a little nervous, but stoked at the idea of learning alot of new things and tweaking my craft.

My biggest fear is that my ‘mentor’ will look at me and tell me my writing stinks, and that I shouldn’t quit my day job. While I don’t think he would do that, I am nervous none-the-less. I have this obsessive need for affirmation and I am trying to prepare myself for the potential onslaught of ‘constructive’ (a better word than negative) feedback.

So, here is what my night prayer has been, and probably will be for the next 4 days…

Dear Jesus, PLEASE let them not hate my writing! PLEASE let them not think it sounds horrible, and PLEASE let SOMEONE laugh (it is supposed to be humorous….). PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY please don’t let anyone wrinkle up their nose at it! Let SOMEONE say something good!!! But…. let them tell me the truth too. And I guess give me the stength to take it if the feedback is bad… but please dont let it be!!!