I love hearing stories about how couples have met. Sometimes it is nice and simple, they grew up together, were high school sweethearts etc. How sweet! *sigh* And other times there was this dramatic event or “thing” that brought them together (some would call coincidence, I would call Divine intervention.)

But whatever the story, each is unique and special and makes my romantic heart go “Awww”. As a romance writer, I’m uniquely interested in people’s stories. When I write a book, I challenge myself to think of a unique, fun way for my hero/heroine to meet. Sometimes this is taking a seemingly normal way to hook up and putting fun twists on it. Other times it is taking snippets from experiences I’ve heard about and spinning it off into it’s own unique story.

My first book is fun, because it takes a very small part of how my husband and I met and puts a huge twist on it. I also have an exciting idea for a book floating around in my head that revolves around a small portion of how my grandparents met. (Not all of my romances evolve from personal experiences though. My second two books are derived from my own strange imagination! Ha!)

My brief “how I met my husband” story is posted on my website at www.kristaphillips.com under “She met her husband where?” But today, I want to hear YOUR stories. How did you meet your spouse or significant other? If you’re a writer, how has your own personal experience with romance reflected itself in your writing?

Come on all you romantics out there! Spill it!



  1. Hi Krista,

    For romantics, are you ready for Valentine’s Day on Saturday? I bet a lot of stories center here 🙂

  2. LOL, true enough!

    Funny, I had to beg out on something for Karalynn’s girlscout troop this Saturday, and the lady emailed me back, “ah, you have hot Valentines day plans?”

    I said, no, I have my writer’s group in the morning.

    How sad is that! And I call myself a romantic!

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