I’m not really a music reality TV show watcher.

I watch Idol occasionally at the end.
I’ve watched the voice once or twice on accident.
And I’ve never watched Duet.

Mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV at night with 4 kids!

BUT… My kiddos are at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and with just Annabelle and I hanging out while Daddy was at work, I had the TV on so the house wasn’t quiet, and Duet happened to be on last night.

And one of the duets sang one of my FAVORITE songs of all time.

How Great Thou Art.

The song makes me want to drop to my knees and cry every time I hear it. It is even more poignant hearing it while Annabelle toddles around my living room, looking at me every 4 or 5 steps with this wide grin on her face, as if saying, “Look, Momma, aren’t you so proud of how good I’m doing?”

Yes, baby, yes I am.

More proud that I could ever begin to tell you.

And more thankful to Jesus for each day he has blessed me with to spend with you. How GREAT thou art, Jesus!

But life isn’t all roses and fun milestones.

Life holds pain and grief and hurt, too.

It’s when another human speaks words that inflict incredible wounds that make lasting scars

It’s when small pains add up to a burden that is crushing.

7/27/10 – about 10 hours before her crash

It’s when you have to walk into a hospital room and see your newborn child
look like this, and when you get a phone call that night telling you that
your baby had taken a bad turn and was only alive due to someone
pressing on her heart with their fingers, forcing it to push blood to her

It’s when a parent is told that it’s time to say goodbye to their child for the last time this side of Heaven.

God has never promised us this life would be roses and sunshine.

Yet… the song holds true.

How Great Thou Art, Jesus. How Great Thou Art.

We can’t let our faith in God be dependent on circumstances. God’s greatness is not dependent on the ebb and flow of life. God is greater than this life, and THANK YOU GOD for that!!!

My challenge for you this Friday is this: 

Regardless of where you are in life, whether you are on a great high in life with things going fabulous and your hands raised in praise to an amazing Jesus who has blessed you beyond imagination, or whether you are on your knees begging God to answer your questions and explain to you how life could go so terribly wrong…

Acknowledge the fact that God is bigger than where you are right now.

Acknowledge that there is a greater purpose for all things, both good things and bad ones, than our minds can grasp.

Acknowledge how GREAT God is, and choose now to serve Him, regardless of the results, consequences, or your fears.

I do. With all my heart, and with my not-quite-in-tune voice, Jesus, I can and will sing, “How Great Thou Art.”



  1. Krista, what a beautiful post. I was saying "amen" and praising God as I was reading it. God is greater than this world. Have an amazing weekend.

  2. I found it interesting that you posted about thanking God for your special girl yesterday. I was informed by a friend that a little boy I had been reading about with HLHS (approx 1 1/2 years old) is near the end of his battle and his doctors are unable to do anything else to save his terribly broken heart. His mother's heart is breaking and she is crying out against God and those who believe that he brings miracles. Her heart is crushing under this and I just want to reach across the United States and hold her like a child. I guess that is the Momma in me. As I read her words against God, I had an overwhelmind need to have my Simon in my arms and not let go. This is not normally his idea of fun since he has found mobility in the last few months but I gave in to the urge and went to cuddle him. When I picked him up, he gave me the most amazing squeeze and rested his head on my shoulder for the longest time…..Man, I love this kid!!! And, I love our amazing, wonderful God for every second he gives me with this amazing spirit!!! God Bless you, Krista….you and your awesome faith-filled family for helping those of us who walk your walk, and even the ones who only experience it through our blogs, to remember God's role in ALL of this, not just in the good parts! *hugs!* p.s. Can you believe your little warrior is about to be two??? Mine just turned two last month and I am just in awe of the miracle!!!!

    1. Elizabeth… does the mom have a blog or caringbridge or the like? I like to follow heart kiddos when I can!

      I LOVE that you little one gave you a hug and snuggle just at the moment you needed one!!! Annabelle is hard to slow down fast enough to get good snuggles too, so when I get them, they are OH SO precious!!!

    2. The facebook link is below for the mom. Her name is Diane Roberts and I am friends with a mutual friend, Heather De Stefano. I am sorry it has taken me a few days to get this to you, it's been so busy here….lol, you know the routine! 🙂

  3. You are amazing lady. I can just see the smile on the Father's face at the very thought of you and your family. You are blessed and are a blessing.

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