Ahhh, my first post of 2010!!! WOOHOO!

Like many others, I’m in the mood to reflect. How did I do last year compared to my January, 2009 goals?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1.) Finish editing LOL: Mission Jack
Verdict: I did this… about three times. I finished one set of edits by March… but then after Genesis edited again. Then one very quick time again when I got my first request for full. *sigh* It probably needs another edit. In fact, I know it does. But… I attained my goal, so WOOHOO for that!
2.) Finalize proposal for LOL: Mission Jack and whole “Cyberlove” series
Verdict: I have the proposal done for LOL: Mission Jack, but not the whole series. I do mention in the proposal that I have the other two books though. Not 100% sure the right/wrong way to do a multi-book proposal, or if you do a seperate one for each book???

3.) Submit LOL:Mission Jack for publication
Verdict: My measurements for this one were kinda crazy… so technically I didn’t meet my goal. BUT… I did submit to two agents, and they both requested fulls. Alas, I’m still waiting to hear back from both, but 2 for 2 isn’t bad, or so I like to think:-)

4.) Complete first draft of Book #2 and beginning editing
Verdict: Nope, nope. I’m just now starting back to work on this. I’m ALMOST half way through. But this was not due to my laziness, but God telling me that it needed to sit. I prefer to think of this as me being obediant instead of procrastinating:-)

5.) Complete first draft of Book #3
Verdict: Again… not even close.

6.) Increase my knowledge of writing and publishing
-Attended at least one writer’s conference (Blue Ridge tentatively)
Verdict: Attended ACFW instead, and was very glad I did! Also attended a 1-day conference put on by our local writer’s group.
-Finish reading JSBell’s Books
Verdict: I plead the fifth. Okay, it’s a GREAT book… but I have a hard time FINISHING writing craft books cover-to-cover. I tend to flip through and read the stuff that really interests me.
-Pick one other writing related book and finish it
Verdict: Again, the fifth. But… I did start a few… does that count??

7.) Increase my visibility in the market (i.e. network)
-Blog an average of four days per week during months of February – October
Verdict: I was up to 5 days per week all summer, but God knocked on my heart and told me I was over doing it. I’m down to 3 days… and it’s working well for me.
-Be active on ACFW forums/email loops
Verdict: I do the monthly e-mail courses through ACFW, but not so much the forums just due to lack of time. I’m also on the “main” loop but again, I don’t always participate due to time.
-Participate in monthly local writer’s group meetings
Verdict: DONE! I think I only missed one:-)
-Identify and implement at least one new networking strategy
Verdict: Oh wow. This one has to make me think. I guess I’d have to say twitter and facebook, as I think I started both of those this year. And I read other blogs much more than I was this time last year.

What ELSE did I do?

We all make goals… but we also know that sometimes life takes us in a different direction. Other things I did this year:

  • Entered the Genesis, Touched by Love, and Golden Heart contests. Didn’t final in the first two… judging still going on in the last one… but I was happy with my scores, especially for my first year.
  • I finished a NEW book! I’d planned to work on my original series all year, but mid-year God tugged on my heart that I needed to let those sit and rest, and start on something new. Thus, my sandwich story evolved. I started it in June and finished the beginning of November
  • EDITED! I finished round 1 of edits on my Sandwich book.
  • Increased my blog readership. While not as many readers as other blogs… I did go from having an average of 2 comments a post to an average of 20 or so. I am happy with that!
  • Discussion: Are you satisified with YOUR 2009 accomplishments? Why or why not?



  1. Excellent job, Krista! I love that you reflected on each of your goals.

    I am happy with 2009. I grew way more than I would have ever expected. Finished my third novel. Wend to the ACFW conference. And of course, my biggest happy-dance moment – was getting an agent!

  2. It's so good for us to set measurable goas to reflect on at some given time. You did an awesome job of setting specific goals and reflecting on each of them.

  3. Some…some I didn't quite make. But overall it was a great year and I learned and accomplished A LOT!!

    Great job with all your accomplishments. I hope 2010 goes just as well if not better!!!

  4. Wow! You did a ton, girl!! You are making such great progress! I just know good things are going to be happening for you soon!

    2009 was a huge year for my writing career! I'm grateful for all of God's blessings both professionally and personally.

  5. The verdict is in: you did amazing in 2009!

    February 2009 marked the beginning of writerly things. I am more than pleased.

  6. Great job! With all that you've completed this year, you have a lot to look forward to. Hope you hear from the agents soon 😀

  7. You did well! Way to work–and meet–your goals! I hope you get great news from your fulls!

  8. I am satisfied with 2009 and looking toward the future with eager expectation.

    Blessings, andrea

  9. I'm amazed at your ambitious list of goals, especially since you've got three young kids and work full-time. You made amazing progress, too!

    I finished my second novel (fourth full-length book overall), finaled in the Genesis, started to blog and Facebook, ACFW conference, local writer's group meetings, and a new crit group. I'm looking forward to what 2010 holds – for both of us. Can't wait to rejoice with you!

  10. Wow, you can be really proud!!! I hope 2010 gives you everything you desire. God bless you tons in the new year sister!!!

  11. Way to accomplish your goals! I personally started blogging this year and began to give myself more "me" time (writing, reading, scrapbooking, etc) than I have before. I'm happy with my follow through there. 🙂

  12. I just have to say really quick…


    Reading your comments today, I've been like, "Oh! There's ______!"

    My blogging break was MUCH needed, but it's so good to be back and to see your friendly names/faces/comments! You all rock!!!!

  13. Hi Krista –

    You had a great year! Two agents requesting fulls is fabulous.

    I'm happy with 2009. Like you, I met some goals and added others. The blog has grown, and I've met many new people. One item not on my list, Facebook, proved beneficial to my writing and blogging.

    Susan 🙂

  14. Happy New Year, Krista, and congrats on finishing so many of the things on your to-do list.

    I hit the mark on some things, missed wildly on others. 🙂

  15. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Praying many good and perfect gifts for you in 2010 :O)

  16. Excellent job, Krista!

    I am happy with production during the first half of 2009, then am not sure if I needed time to ponder and chew on some ideas or if laziness just set in…

    How about 6 out of 10?

  17. Wow, what a post! I'm still reeling in awe that you subbed twice and got two full requests! That is AWESOME! 🙂 Have you heard anything yet?
    Also, did you get my e-mail about ACFW coordinator? I figured you're probably too busy. Could you let me know?
    Great job on meeting most of your goals and finishing a new book! Your sandwich one sounds great!

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