Hospital Blues and Godly Confirmation

 I find it slightly humorous that my last post was about wondering if Annabelle getting sick is conveniently timed by God to as a sign that it is not in the cards for Mommy to go back to work.

Three days later, we were driving 90 miles an hour to the hospital with a very, very sick baby girl. And another 4 days after that, we’re still in the hospital.

I update Annabelle’s progress on her prayer page on Facebook, so feel free to go to Prayers for Princess Annabelle for the latest update on how she’s doing. I try to update at least once or twice a day while she is ill.

Well, anyway, the princess has pneumonia. She’s doing a lot better now, just having a very difficult time coming off her oxygen… she REALLY needs to do some good, productive coughing!

Needless to say, I am resting in a lot of peace that we are exactly where we are supposed to be right now: I know… peace? In the HOSPITAL? But yeah. Other than a few moments of medical frustration, God’s given me quite a bit of peace this hospital stay. Annabelle getting the medical care she needs to get better and Mommy perfectly free to stay here without worry to take care of her, and when she is better, I can go back to writing the books God puts on her heart and taking care of my children just the way God has called me to do.

Finances and book sales and all that stuff pale in comparison to what is really important. God knows all of that, and I am, again, confirmed that at this moment in life, I’m on the path that God has put before me.