Most likely not going home today.

Her labs this morning show her electrolytes are out of whack. We have gone DOWN on her diaretics the last three days, so these should have gone UP, but instead they went backward. Unsure of why.

They are starting her on some supplements and want to recheck tomorrow.

We had some nervousness about a potential heart cath yesterday, as pulmonology requested one to check for sure her pulmonary hypertension. While cardiology agrees she needs one, they don’t agree that right now is good timing.

So at some point and time, we’ll be coming back to the hospital for that. Can you see I am giddy with excitement about it???? (NOT!)

REALLY bummed about going home. They were debating back and forth, and I could have pressed my opinion to go home and bring her back tomorrow for labs, but they’d have to take out her PICC, then stick her tomorrow, and just risk having to come back inpatient tomorrow if they didn’t improve. THAT would stink!

And really, it seems weird to me that they would go backward, so with that along with her lower heart-rate, I felt a peace about staying another day, as stinky as it is.

Prayers that her electrolytes improve so we can go home and STAY home for a LONG time are appreciated!!!

However, two things make me feel better. First. Annabelle laughed again for me for the first time since being in the hospital! I LOVE hearing her belly laugh.

Second, I was finally able to capture her gorgeous smile on camera again. *I LOVE IT*

This smile is SO worth staying another day in the hospital to make sure she STAYS smiling and healthy!



  1. I was thrilled to hear Annabelle was sitting up on her own for even longing than before she had been in the hospital. We'll take that victory! She has such a splendid smile mom : D

  2. I love her smile! What a wonderful thing a smile is from our little ones. I will be praying all labs come back great and you all are on your way home tomorrow.

  3. I love that smile, too!


  4. I'm sorry that you have to stay again, but it's probably for the best.

    And whatever that gizmo is she's playing with…you gotta get one of those for home.

    Love the sitting up and the big smile!

  5. What a beautiful smile on such a beautiful baby girl!!

  6. Oh how I love that smile! So sweet! I will pray that the right answers come so this time when you go home it will be for a loooooong time!

  7. Sweet baby girl! Love that smile! My prayers are with you. God bless you and your family!

  8. Aaaah, what a BEAUTIFUL smile!

  9. Krista
    I am a friend of your mom's. I have been praying for you and sweet Annabelle. The picture of her smile is so precious! Hang in there!

  10. Such a sweet picture! Hope you get good news tomorrow.

  11. She is so darling! Prayers and hugs for you all!!

  12. What a precious smile. I'll be praying for good news and that you'll be homeward bound soon.

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