I’ve been a bit bummed lately.

Every year, there is a writer’s conference that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to. A large number of my writer/author friend’s I’ve met are there, and it’s a GREAT time to network and just totally 100% indulge the writer side of myself. I LOVE IT!

I skipped 2 years when Annabelle was in the hospital, and the year after when she was still very touch-and-go. And while I was sad, I knew I was where I needed to be and had great peace about it.

I went again last year, and LOVED IT! It was 100% exactly what God had ordered in my life that that point, a much needed time away. It was less about Krista learning to write better, but more about God covering my heart with a balm of peace that I needed for the coming months.

But going to conference is EXPENSIVE. Between the actual conference fee of +$500 and hotel for at least three nights plus transportation…it easily upwards or over $1000 for the weekend.

Last year, we spent this because it was the month my book was coming out and we knew I needed to go.

This year, well, ya can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, and the money just isn’t there. (and even if it was, it’d be very unwise for us to spend it this way.)

So, I resigned myself to not going.

And put it out of my mind.

Until recently… when all my writer friend’s Facebook status started to glow with their ACFW conference excitement and preparation.

I’ll be honest. I pouted a little bit. Yes, a little green monster of jealousy was inside me, but I determined that I wouldn’t be jealous. I’d be okay staying home this year. I’d been okay thus far… why was I starting to feel so unsettled now??

Then… I went to our local writer’s group on Saturday. It’d been months since I’d gotten to go… having been firmly trying to better prioritize my time and give my family MORE of it.

But I needed to go.

And when I went, I found out why!

A sweet author friend of mine that leads our group (Kaye Dacus… go check out her books!) suggested that maybe I go to conference and just “hang out” instead of actually attending the conference. She had a room she was staying in by herself… she’d gladly let me bunk with her. And a few from the local group were carpooling up, and one had just realized he couldn’t make it, so they had an open spot if I wanted to ride along.

And the wheels in my brain started to churn.

A weekend to focus on writing… with a lot of downtime to actually WRITE. A weekend to network with both my writer friends as well as to hopefully get some time to chat face-to-face with my super wonderful agent… INVALUABLE.

But there were so many obstacles in the way. What to do with my kids, for example.

But each obstacle I thought of… God also brought to mind a solution. One by one, I checked them off, until none remained.

So…. unless something giant blocks my path in the next few weeks…

I GET TO GO TO (kinda…) CONFERENCE. While I won’t be attending the “actual” conference due to cost, I’m still BEYOND excited and thankful for God providing a way to have this weekend away, to focus on writing, to renew my “writer” battery…

Oh my.

Yes, my God is AWESOME!!

Discussion: Has God ever surprised you with granted you a heart’s desire? One that is totally a want and not really a need?



  1. I'm glad to get to hang out at conference, Krista. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, thanks to your generous friends and family members who helped make this happen.

    1. yeah!!!! I'll be so happy to see you, Keli!!! Yes, I am SO SO SO thankful!

  2. God rocks!

    How were we surprised? I'll limit myself to one testimony! We had been in the Houston area for over six months and our house in Oklahoma City had still not sold. Our savings had dwindled to nothing and we were frantically trying to figure out how to make the mortgage payment on the OKC house. My husband found out he qualified for a bonus from the Troops to Teachers program. He applied immediately, was approved and given a date for the check to be mailed. We waited, nothing happened. My husband called to find out what was going on. The government claimed they mailed the check and would have to research – see if the check had been cashed, etc. We were told this research and reissue of a check would take about 90 days. Imagine our disappointment. Two days later the doorbell rang. I answered the door to find a Fed-Ex envelope. Not expecting anything, I opened it. Inside I found the "lost" government check. I always tell people – only God could get the US government to find that check AND send it to us via Fed-Ex!

    1. HA HA HA! yes, that really IS a God thing right there!!!

  3. YAY, YAY, YAY! This makes me INSANELY happy!!!!!

  4. Sometimes the most powerful part of those events are the one-on-one times that can't be planned or scheduled for. Enjoy every moment.

    1. Thank you, and I totally agree!! The unplanned stuff is the stuff where GOD moves!

  5. I'm SO SO glad. The truth is I am still a bit bummed about not making it, but God knew things I didn't even know at the time I felt led to cancel. I had no idea we would be seeking specialists about Noah and possibly heading to speech therapy. I do strongly feel I'm doing the right thing even though I could have made it happen. But it makes me all the more WANTING to head to FL!!! I think its so neat the way God arranged it as only he can. That's how it was for me last year! AWESOME!!!

    1. I totally understand, Julia… the years I stayed home with Annabelle, I felt the exact same why. I would have LOVED LOVED to go and totally missed everyone, but felt a blessed assurance that I was in the exact spot God wanted me to be!

  6. Yay,yay!! Just so excited!

    1. Can't wait to give you a big ol' hug and do some LOW RIDIN'!!!!

  7. I hope you have a great time! I REALLY want to go to this conference called the Influence conference but I cannot because of school. sad. another year deff. when is the conference that your going to?

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