Rarely in my “writer hat” blog do I talk much about my day job. I prefer to keep them very separate.

BUT! I make an exception for National Payroll Week!!

That’s right, this is the week to CELEBRATE the payroll professionals that work so hard to get your paycheck to you on time and accurately, as well as pay those pesky taxes to Uncle Sam.

So, I thought I’d bring you a fun payroll quiz! I know, I know, don’t all jump up and down at the same time! I’d tell you no googling, but, well, you wouldn’t listen to me anyway!

And what do you get for winning said quiz?

Those who get all the answers RIGHT will be entered into a drawing to win:

– $20.00 Gift card to Wal-Mart (because we need to spend our paychecks wisely!)

**Deadline is 11:59 CST on Friday, 09/11/09. Drawing to be held on Saturday with my daughter doing the honors of picking out of a hat**

Okay, so you’re DYING to know the quiz right?

Here goes:

  1. What does OASDI stand for?
  2. What’s the current withholding rate for social security?
  3. What does FICA stand for?
  4. What was the social security wage base limit in 1935?

BONUS QUESTION: (Kinda like the million dollar wedge on Wheel of Fortune… you don’t have to get this right to be entered BUT… if you DO get it right and you happen to WIN the drawing… I’ll double the gift card to $40. Good luck!)

  • You make $15.49 per hour. You work nine hours per day Mon-Sat in California. You claim Married and 2 on your state and federal taxes. You have pre-tax medical and dental insurance come out at $45.26 per week. You have after-tax life insurance of $10.53 per check withheld. You are 50 years old and you have $75,000.00 worth of company provided life insurance for you.

    What is your net pay for one week?

So there you have it! GOOD LUCK!

*disclaimer* My employee’s are NOT eligible to win… sorry! This example is NOT taken from real data… but made up at random from my weird brain. And… only US peeps are eligible, void where prohibited and all that other legal stuff:-)


I forgot to mention! Don’t forget to visit www.nationalpayrollweek.com and take the “Getting Paid in America” to win a FREE paycheck and trip to Las Vegas! (this is sponsered by the APA, obviously not me because I’ll be doing good with the $20 bucks!)



  1. Sherrinda made a great point…

    So you can't steal each others answers, I've set all comments to moderated today. I'll let them all go through once contest ends.

    Have fun!

  2. THANKS to those who have participated already in my fun quiz. Keep em' coming! I don't have a LOT of entries yet… so Google away and you have a good shot:-) Tomorrow we will return to my non-day job related posts!

    **please note** I also take NPW as a time to celebrate the employee's we PAY, because, well, if you didn't have your job, we couldn't pay you, then WE wouldn't have a job. So… all those who collect a paycheck… THANKS. *grin*

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