Yes, that is right. It’s National Payroll Week 2008. Get on the streamers and banners everyone!

I understand that everyone is probably rolling their eyes at me right now.

That’s ok.

But it really is National Payroll Week. You see, by day, I am a payroll geek. It’s my job, it pays the bills, and even though it isn’t the most glamorous, I could think of many worse jobs. And when you think about it, wow, you couldn’t live without your payroll people right? Most of you get some kind of paycheck… It would be pretty hard to pay that next bill without it right?

If we don’t withhold taxes right, you have the IRS after you. If we slack and submit our direct deposits a day late, you’d have to wait until Monday instead of Friday. Wouldn’t THAT be a fun weekend…

So anyway, this is the week that the American Payroll Association (APA) decides to celebrate payroll professionals.

I, personally, am not hugely into it because except for my birthday, I’m not into celebrating myself. It makes me feel… I dunno… prideful? I guess I just feel that I am doing my job just like everyone else is…

So, I choose to celebrate employee’s on National Payroll Week. Here in our office we bring in tons of food and say thank you to our employees for being such great people to pay. Hokey, I know. But it works.

Payroll people around the world complain daily that they are under appreciated. I have never felt that way, because I’ve always gone out of my way to appreciate the people that we pay. Because… if we didn’t have anyone to pay… we’d be out of a job right???

Moral of the story:

To be appreciated, appreciate others! Instead of celebrating how great you are, celebrate how great other people are. When you get the focus off yourself, what a difference it can make!

In honor of this….

The APA hosts every year a survey with a grand prize of a paycheck (based on the average salary in the US) and a trip to Las Vegas. To win, click here and complete the survey.

Good Luck!



  1. To be appreciated, appreciate others… This is a great sentiment! It reminds me of the hobbits, who celebrated their birthdays by GIVING presents, rather than receiving them.

  2. As you know, I am also a payroll geek. Though I don’t really like the word geek, but it does fit.

    I have only a small staff, but I have given them gifts everyday this week. One of my staff is new this year and was very surprised. The other got 1 gift for the week last year, so she was surprised when she got one everyday.

    They have really loved it and it is great to be able to give to those who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

    Happy NPW to you, too!!!

  3. I second Amy’s post. The “to be appreciated, appreciate others.” That’s the way it should be. Golden Rule, right?

    Thanks for the post, Krista. Even though I’m not in the payroll industry, it’s a good reminder for me to treat my co-workers with respect and appreciation.

    Have a great day.

  4. Thanks y’all. I had a great discussion with my daughter about giving last night. Yeah, she is four. I don’t think it sunk in. We have some work to do.

    Jeff, that is awesome what you did with your staff! I have a small staff two, just a senior specialist and a specialist. I did bring them breakfast yesterday, though! And will find something fun to bring tomorrow as a finale too!

    I actually feel pretty blessed to work for the company I do. Our CEO comes around ever few weeks and asks how his favorite department is doing:-)

    Oh, and bringing food for everyone ELSE DOES cause them to appreciate us. People come through our office all day on friday where the food is and tell us what a wonderful job we do.

    So… I guess you could call it bribing too. LOL

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