We take a brief break in Annabelle’s Updates for this very important information:

That’s right, my big girl is TEN years old! *sniff* How can time fly so fast?? I am SO very proud of my big ten year old. She’s smart, funny, sweet and lovable. She’s been so patient with Mommy through my pregnancy with Annabelle (even at times where I kinda went coo-coo and lost it…) It hasn’t been easy for her the past few months without having Mommy home every night, but she’s done so very good, helped out her little sisters, and has prayed for Annabelle so very much. She is SUCH a good daughter and good big sister!! I LOVE YOU KARALYNN!!!

She came to the hospital this afternoon so Annabelle could give her a present (the new Taylor Swift CD) and  then we went to her favorite restuarant for dinner (Texas Roadhouse) then went bowling. Tomorrow is her “party” when she gets most of her presents though:-)  It was a fun day, and I LOVED spending it with my little… big girl!

Annabelle Update: We might extubate tomorrow! Maybe… I’m going to try and convince them to either do it late tomorrow evening or Monday morning since I’ll be gone tomorrow at Karalynn’s party. I do NOT love not being here when she has her own extubation party! Regardless, please be praying she continues to rock her CPAP trials and is REALLY READY this time!! Mommy’s really ready to get onto the next step of recovery… *sigh*



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Karalynn!!

    And Krista, LOVE the new header!!

  2. It was wonderful to see pictures of your other girls! And to have a 10 year old, too! How wonderful.

    Enjoy your birthday celebration with Karalynn and if you can't be at Annabelle's extubation party when it begins, I'm sure they won't mind if you celebrate once you arrive. ;- )

  3. Happy Birthday, Karalynn!

    LOVE Taylor Swift! You have excellent taste!

  4. Happy Birthday, Karalynn! 🙂

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