Before I get to my post, let me first say, I know you all want to know who won Kaye’s awesome book, Ransome’s Honor!

Drum roll please….

And the winner is….. Carla Gade!!

Congrats! You’ll be getting an e-mail from me this morning!

Next, I’d like to say a big huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful daughter!! She’s totally getting WAY too old and I don’t like it one bit! I’ve told her time and time again that she’s not allowed to grow up on me, but she’s such a disobedient child and does it anyway! Totally deserves a few extra birthday spankings for it!

So, please please please join me in wishing my beautiful Karalynn Jean Abri Phillips a VERY happy birthday! (and she’s a pretty darn good reader, so she’ll read your comments too!)

And for her, I’m posting a special addition of Krista’s top ten:

Top Ten ways you know your children are getting too old.

  1. They ask for a cell phone for their birthday.
  2. You hear the words, “But mom… all my friends have ____fill in the blank with just about anything ____
  3. They stomp their feet and demand a facebook page and e-mail address.
  4. They roll their eyes and walk off and do the opposite of what you just told them to do. (But Karalynn would NEVER EVER do this! *wink*)
  5. You have very vivid memories of yourself when you were their age, and remember thinking, “Wow, I’m getting older now!”
  6. They get more phone calls from their friends that you do.
  7. Similar, their social calendar is booked and they have to pencil you in.
  8. You turn around and look down at them, but then have to raise your gaze a foot because you under estimated their height.
  9. They don’t think boys are quite so ewwww anymore. (My wonderful, wonderful daughter still has them at the ew status, THANK GOD!!!)
  10. They give you advice, and it’s actually very, very good!



  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! And congrats to the winner of Kaye's book!

  2. Happy Birthday Karalynn!!! I have an 8 y.o. daughter who sounds quite like you! Enjoy your special day birthday princess!

  3. Happy Birthday Karalynn!!Wow! 9 yrs. old! I miss the little girl that held my hand when we went shopping but I adore the young lady you are becoming! I am proud to be your Grandma.

  4. Happy birthday, Karalynn! I've watched you grow up (kind of from afar though) for the last five years. You're growing up into a beautiful, wonderful, amazing kid. And I just have to say… you have awesome parents too!

  5. Ha! That's awesome!

    Happy birthday, Karalynn!!! I hope y'all have a great weekend!

  6. Oh hey, KP, it's Friday. Fat Friday total: 5.6. (36.4 in all)

  7. Wonderful top ten list. Happy Burf-day, Karalynn (said in the snowman's voice). Enjoy your special day.

  8. If you'll notice… I ignored fat friday today because I failed miserably. Plus I have a cupcake and pizza waiting for me at home for tonight.

    So, um, yeah. Next week?


    Congrats on your pounds lost!! WOOHOO!!!!! You put me to shame girl!

  9. I love your top 10. I have to add one in as I just experienced it last night. You have buy a necklace for your thirteen-year-old son to give to his girlfriend for their 6 month anniversary, and a bigger bra for your 'growing' daughter on the same night. Good times…good times! Happy birthday to your daughter.

  10. Happy Birthday Karalynn!!! Aunt Jami loves you very much and thinks you are such a big girl. I am very proud of you!! Love you lots, Aunt Jami (Rocks!!!)

  11. Congratulations to Carla for winning the giveaway and very happy birthday wishes for Karalynn!!

  12. A very happy birthday to your beautiful girl! LOVED your list! Your daughter's name is SO very close to my sister's name! I love it!

  13. Happy Birthday, Karalynn! My daughter is 10, too! I understand your list very well!

  14. Happy Birthday, Karalynn! A pretty name for a pretty young lady. 🙂

    Congrats, Carla on winning the book.

    Susan 🙂

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