It’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since my debut novel released September of last year.

I couldn’t let September finish without wishing my sweet, pink book a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

While my book didn’t hit any bestseller list, and may not have sold quite as much as I would have loved from a business perspective (nor did it totally completely tank, PHEW!), I’m still super proud of it.

It garnered 116 and counting Amazon reviews, averaging 4.6 stars!

193 “ratings” on Goodreads, averaging 4 stars! (and if you know anything about Goodreads, you know that there tends to be some VERY TOUGH critics there, so I’m super pleased with this!)

It was endorsed by some of my SUPER favorite authors such as Tamara Leigh, Janice Thompson, Kaye Dacus, Jody Hedlund, and Katie Ganshert.

We went to the Southern Festival of Books together last year, speaking on a panel with the fabulous NYT Bestselling author Julie Cantrell (I told her we needed to rub elbows some a bit of her success could rub off! ha!) and did a booksigning at Lifeway that was a great success!

It got two FABULOUS coveted reviews from both the Library Journal as well as the RT Book Reviews:

“…Full of romance, humor, and mystery, this debut novel will put Phillips on the CF map…”
Library Journal

“Phillips’ debut brings faith, love and hope together into a wonderful, well-knit book….”

RT Book Reviews

We teamed up with author Kathy Harris for a co-online launch party that was totally out of our comfort zone but went GREAT in the end.

Sandwich was featured on SO many blogs that I’ve lost count… and was even in 3 newspapers!

And while some bookstores weren’t able to carry it, many of them DID, which made this authors heart smile! (It’s not always easy to get a debut novel in a bookstore, especially in this age of not-so-fantastic economical times for brick and mortar stores.)

Yup, I’m super proud of my first book.

So proud that I MADE HER CUPCAKES!!!

Please note: Cupcake decorating is NOT my forte. But I decorated with my heart:-)

Tonight, my girls and hubby and I will pig out on some sloppy, yummy, pink cupcakes to remember this momentous occasion.

To celebrate HERE on my blog, I’d SUPER love if you all joined in!!!

Do you have a favorite sandwich memory? Maybe a scene that you found funny? Something you learned from it? (I’m a big believer that fiction is for FUN… but Jesus also uses stories to impact lives, and my prayer is that God uses my stories to that end as well!)

THANK YOU for chiming in and celebrating with me!

Enjoy some fun sandwich picture from the last year or so….

Signing my contract…. Think of this as… conception??? 🙂

ARC’s are here!!! AHHH!

REAL books are here!!!

Sandwich… Sandwich… YUM!


A sandwich for the road… FUN times!

We love Mommy’s book!!!

Sideways… but she does too:-)


LOVE me some sandwich sightings!!


 I love EACH and every one of my sandwich readers!!! THANK YOU!!

Wow… that is a LOT of Sandwiches…



  1. Happy Birthday!!! So proud of you and I know you will have many more birthdays with other great books to follow!

  2. Congratulations Krista! 🙂 Wishing you all the best!

  3. Happy birthday, Sandwich! And congratulations, Krista! Great book, loved every page and can't wait to see what you do next ?

  4. Happy Birthday Sandwhich! was nice to see my face up there is one of those pictures:) thank you for using your talents to share with others in book form and for using your talents to glorify the Lord.

  5. So fun reading this, Krista! Yay for all the fun moments in your debut year. Yay!!!

  6. Congratulations, Krista! It was so nice to see you in Indy, and I hope you and your family enjoy those lovely pink cupcakes! 🙂 Happy Birthday to your book!

  7. THANK YOU all for celebrating with us:-) I celebrated again today by having a Sandwich for lunch…. and a leftover cupcake for dessert! Shhhhh…. 🙂

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