As of 12:15 this morning….

I am officially the mother of a TEENAGER.

I’m not ready for this, y’all!!!

I just have to say though, I could NOT BE PROUDER of my sweet thirteen-year-old.

She is beautiful, inside and out, so incredibly smart, and not just in book knowledge (although that too!) but she has such an intelligent brain on her and loves Jesus with all her heart.

Fun Story: When she was little, she was playing “church” with a neighbor girl. The neighbor girl decided that she didn’t want to play church anymore, and Karalynn thought this was a HORRIBLE offence. I came outside just in time to hear her shout (as the other girl was retreating back to her house), “DON’T YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON JESUS!”

I called her my little evangelist:-)

Today, I just wanted to publicly wish my girl a HAPPY THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY and let her know just how much her Mommy adores her!!!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday Karalynn! Sweet 13 <3

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