My baby turned 4 this last weekend. How can it be??? Time FLYS!!!!

My Gabriella is so sweet. And stubborn. And smart. And sassy. And did I mention smart?

Seriously, I don’t mean to brag, but the girl has a very high aptitude. She just turned four and has known her alphabet, as well as how to WRITE her alphabet, for a year now. She LOVES to color, and does an extraordinary job at it. She’s in the lines 99% of the time and colors each item a different color. Her vocabulary is off the charts.

Please don’t think her smarts come from anything that we are doing. In fact, I almost feel bad because we’ve “taught” her less than any of our other children. She’s learned most of what she has by playing “learning” games or using the little fridge alphabet magnets, then sitting down to a piece of paper and practicing, on her own, how to write said letters.

She announced to use the other day that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and really? I wouldn’t put it past her. Some of this is that she’s been going to many Dr appointments with my hubby and I during this pregnancy, so I think she’s a little in awe of them (although she’s deathly afraid of male doctors… they’re BOYS you know and BOYS are monsters… except Daddy, Grandpa, and her cousins of course… these are her words:-))

My sister bought her a doctor kit for her birthday, and while at first it was overriden by all the other many presents she got, she got into playing with it REAL fast. She had her doctor coat on and was giving shots, doing surgery, and writing prescriptions like a pro shortly after. It was SO very cute.

It got me thinking back to when I was a kid. For a long time I wanted to be a doctor myself, a pediatrician to be exact. Then I realized that I hate the site of blood, I want to throw up at the thought of needles, and I got woozy just dissecting a frog in high school.

So, I changed to wanting to be a teacher. For the 2nd or 3rd grade, probably because those were my favorite grades in school.

Um, yeah, considering I am severely lacking in the patience area and I have an unhealthy love of red pens, it’s probably a good thing that I’m not teaching 20-30 students ever day.

So here I am, a struggling writer and a thriving Payroll Manager. I love words, numbers, and hate science.

Yes, it’s probably a very good thing I’m not a pediatrician. It’s amazing how God knows before we do what will “work” and what won’t … sometimes his No’s are VERY good things!

Discussion: What did YOU want to be when you were little??

Oh, and for fun, prior to wanting to be a doctor… Gabby had announced her plan to be a real life princess. 🙂

And yes, that’s my prego belly peeking into the picture above:-) And yes, my strange, wonderful daughter is enthralled with Scooby-doo lately, so that is Scooby on her cake:-)



  1. Oh how cute! Your daughter looks like you. 🙂 Happy birthday!!

  2. Happiest of birthdays to that adorable, smart daughter of yours!

    When I was her age I was playing school with neighborhood kids. I was always the teacher. I carried on with this activity well into grade school.

  3. I tried to send you a text last night that said, "Happy 4th birthday, Gabriella!" but it wouldn't go through. GRRRR… 🙂

    I cannot BELIEVE that I haven't seen her since she was about seven months old when y'all came to visit Parker as a newborn. We gotta fix that.

    I wanted to be a momma when I grew up. I never really wanted to do anything else. I took an aptitude test in high school that said I would be good in Human Resources (and pretty much nothing else), so that's what I did until Jackson came along and God worked it out for me to stay home. (Even though I had to move away from my buddy, KP!) 😉

  4. Happy birthday, Gabby! She's adorable.

    I wanted to be a nurse or a doctor when I grew up. Then I worked as a Candy Striper when I was in high school; that caused me to change my mind! Then I wanted to be a writer. No complaints here:)

  5. I wwanted to be a million things, including a writer, a zoologist, a marine biologist (due to shark week on the Discovery channel), a cartoonist, a ventrilaquist (no idea how to spell that), and many other random occupations. Funnily enough, I never wanted to be a teacher, which is what I am. Odd.

    Happy birthday to Gabby! She's a doll! (and she looks like her mommy)

  6. Happy Birthday to Gabby! Glad you had a wonderful day celebrating! And very cute hearing about your girlhood dreams! I honestly don't remember what I wanted to be–I think I've always dreamed of writing. And beyond that, I'm not sure!

  7. Yes, Gabby looks the most like me than any of my other kids:-) Part of it is the glasses!

    LOVE reading all your childhood "I wanna be a" 's 🙂 Ahhhh, to be a kid again:-)

    Valerie… we DO need to fix that!! U feeling better?? Got your fluid?? I always wanted to be a Mommy too:-)

  8. Yeah, I've gotten IV fluids twice in the last week to 10 days or so. Blech. I was at the hospital from 7:30 last night to midnight actually. That where I was when I was trying to text you. 🙂 It passes the time.

  9. Happy Birthday, Gabby! What a beautiful girl. And smart!

    I wanted to be a pharmacist until they told me I wouldn't actually get to make the drugs, only get to count them out.

  10. Awwww, what a beautiful birthday girl! And what a beautifully blue clothed baby bump you have!

    I wanted to be a teacher too. And a writer. But mostly a mother. Two out of three ain't bad, I say! 🙂

  11. Happy birthday to Gabrielle!

  12. What a glorious:

    Hm, I wanted to be married to Dr. Kildare
    A lawyer
    A teacher

    Just shows what God wants doesn't always match what I want though the teacher part worked for awhile!

    So good to be BACK HERE!!


  13. Hi Krista –

    Happy Birthday, Gabby! She's adorable.

    At her age, my goal was to be a Mommy. Later, I wanted to be a Mommy and a nurse thanks to the Sue Barton nurse books. Then there was the ballerina phase.

    What did I choose eventually? Administrative Assistant/Business Owner/Writer. (I still wanted to be a Mommy, but that didn't work out.)

    Susan 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday to your adorable daughter!

    At her age, I shocked my Sunday school class by announcing that I was going to be a "Hollywood actress." That idea stayed with me for a while…

  15. What a sweetie! 🙂 … and still keeping your family in my prayers!!!

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